Jim Cornette On How He’d Book Recently Returning WWE Star

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Jim Cornette has addressed how he’d book this former WWE Universal Champion, noting how they recently returned Superstar used to be taken seriously.

Braun Strowman returned to WWE programming on Monday Night Raw’s 5 September broadcast, marking his first appearance in the company since being released the prior summer. Officially setting up camp on the SmackDown roster, ‘The Monster Among Men’ has been welcomed back with a mixed reception in comparison to other fellow returnees.

Jim Cornette has now stated how, exactly, he’d book Strowman, a behemoth who used to be considered a serious threat to whoever stood across the ring from him, on the latest Jim Cornette Experience podcast:

“Strowman is big. He’s just plain large, right? His work doesn’t look good. I mean, he can do the elementary Powerslams and things but it’s a combination of he’s not a natural worker, and also because he’s so big and strong, if he did have a margin of error, like a normal guy, he could really do some damage, so he’s got to f*cking pay attention to that. But also, I don’t think he has the mind or the understanding of the wrestling business.

He was doing it and when he was killing the [Maximum Male] Models and Powerbombing and he was milking the crowd, he makes the motion of milking the crowd. But there’s nothing on his face and nothing in his body like it’s just, ‘I’m doing this.’ And that choo choo thing he does around the ring where he just hits somebody with kind of a pussy a** tackle and runs around and they got to stand there for it, and he’s limited, which big guys are.

But I’m just…you could get some money out of this guy if he was like Andre [The Giant], if you only saw him intermittently, and he was brought in to be a special partner or to soup up the Royal Rumble or some kind of gimmick Battle Royal or sparingly challenging for the title and having an out when he doesn’t win it so you don’t pop his size aura. But there’s nothing else there besides a great Braun Strowman interview. Can you call one up? Great Braun Strowman in-ring performance, can you call one up?”

Jim Cornette elaborated when Braun Strowman’s WrestleMania 34 alongside Nicholas, the literal child son of WWE referee John Cone, against Cesaro and Sheamus was brought up:

“That’s what I’m saying, great Braun Strowman angle. I think somebody might remember, didn’t he turn a truck over one time, but the way they made it, it was so ridiculous that everybody was laughing at it. So that’s why you know, [the] less you see, the better. He’s visually impressive, book him with other people in a match that can do the work and protect him, and don’t beat him because then – and don’t slam him. Because then he’s just a plate full of p*ss and you might get another couple of years.

Maybe that’s why they fired him beforehand, because once he’s been around for a little while you’ve seen it and he was making a couple million bucks a year. So that’s what I do, I would make have him active about f*cking nine out of 24 months, and you’d get more return out of those nine months than you would out of the entire 24 with him.”

Braun Strowman is scheduled to return to in-ring WWE competition on the 23 September broadcast of Friday Night SmackDown, when he collides with Otis.

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