Jim Cornette Blasts Rick Steiner Following Transphobic Rant

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette isn’t one to hold back verbally, and he’s taken Rick Steiner to task for transphobic comments he allegedly launched at IMPACT star Giselle Shaw.

Shaw was part of Wrestlecon in Los Angeles as part of WrestleMania weekend, and she took to social media on Friday night to reveal that she’d been the subject of a transphobic rant by WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner. Shaw recalled being told “you’re a man” as well as being called a “piece of trash” and “filth.” Steiner was removed from Wrestlecon following the incident and told not to come back.

IMPACT Wrestling referee Daniel Spencer corroborated Shaw’s account, describing the incident as “shocking and disturbing.”

On the latest episode of the Jim Cornette Experience, legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette addressed the situation, taking Steiner to task for launching transphobic insults at the IMPACT star when he could have simply minded his own business.”

Did somebody go hey look at that f*cking person over there? And they said this and did that and whatever the f*ck but still. Why would he instantly be angry and upset about somebody else that he don’t know, has never met, and what they’re f*cking doing. And see, that’s where, in transphobia, again, I don’t know if it’s his fear of trans people, it should be trans hatred, because then you hate trans people, he wasn’t running in fear from her. He was, you know, f*cking maligning her.”

Jim Cornette Doesn’t Believe Someone’s Medical Decisions Are Rick Steiner’s Business

Cornette himself is well known for outbursts, but continuing on his podcast, he made it clear that he only blasts people he doesn’t find to be good wrestlers and wouldn’t insult someone based on their nationality or medical history. He questions why Steiner would make the choice to begin yelling at someone he doesn’t know about her personal medical decisions.

But I don’t get the whole idea. You know, if somebody, if Gisele Shaw, for example, Gisele. If somebody gave me a videotape of her wrestling The Invisible Man, or f*cking doing a dance routine with Pockets, then then I might be able to work up a f*cking promo on old Gisele, because that’s my area, wrestling.

“I don’t hate trans people, I hate trans people that are rotten f*cking wrestlers. I don’t hate Asian people, I hate Asian people that are rotten f*cking wrestlers. I don’t hate women or people of nationalities, I hate women and people of nationalities that are rotten f*cking wrestlers. So there’s a pattern here.

“But if you don’t know this woman, [and] have no issue with her on a personal basis, [and you] are appearing in a professional situation where it wasn’t even the f*cking venue to begin with. And you just decide to start screaming at her for no f*cking reason, I don’t know what his f*cking explanation is. I don’t know why you could get that mad at somebody’s decision on what they want to do with their f*cking medical situation and their own bodily parts. That’s not the issue.

“I’d yell at her if she’d wrestled The Invisible Man, but it wouldn’t be about her goddamn medical procedures.”

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