Jim Cornette Blasts “Nitwit Piece Of Sh*t” Kota Ibushi

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette puts Kota Ibushi is the same category as Kenny Omega.

On the latest episode of “The Jim Cornette Experience,” the legendary wrestling manager gave Ibushi quite the scathing introduction to his listeners after the reveal was made that The Golden Lover would be joining The Elite in Blood & Guts this week on AEW Dynamite.

“For most of you going, ‘Who the f*ck is that?’ Kota ‘Idouchi’ is a fellow sex toy and child wrestler from the Orient, who is now a former best friend and tag team partner and member of the Golden Lovers pairing with Kenny. He’s another guy that a bunch of these mentally challenged individuals that think that this kind of wrestling gets over, just think is just swell. Ol’ Kota, ‘Idouchi’ himself. He’s one of the great ones.”

Jim Cornette Will Likely See More Of Kota “Idouchi”

If AEW has its way, fans will likely see more of Kota Ibushi, especially since he’s fresh off a victory during Blood & Guts as The Golden Elite defeated The Blackpool Combat Club in the highly-anticipated match. However, you can be sure Cornette doesn’t want to be subject to more of Ibushi’s antics that he was partially known for in Japan.

“You can watch him on video on the Internet wrestling sex dolls, six-year-old children, while they have matches where they all dress up as I Dream of Jeannie, and bunches of them just stand around and stick their fingers up other guys asses over and over in a circle. It’s amazing the talent that this nitwit piece of sh*t possesses.”

Please credit Jim Cornette Experience and Inside The Ropes for the transcription.