Jim Cornette Blasts AEW’s Recent Handling Of Wardlow

Wardlow AEW

Jim Cornette has set his sights on AEW once again as he criticises the company for their handling of Wardlow, saying they made him look like “a piece of sh*t.”

Wardlow recently faced off with Brian Cage on Dynamite in a TNT Championship match in what was Cage’s first match on AEW television in over a year.

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette does not think the match did Wardlow any favours as he is not a fan of Brian Cage although does say that Cage’s physique is impressive:

“Ol’ Brian cage reappears. I didn’t even look at the match in terms of, you know, whether they did a good job or not. I look at the match in terms of why would you do this. Brian Cage looks like a freak of nature as a physical specimen. And he’s so muscular and defined, but yet thick and powerful and blah, blah, blah, that he’s somebody that you’ve looked at. Remember when we first saw him, we said, boy, they might be able to do some of this guy and we watched him work a couple of times and said okay, well now we know why they can’t.”

“But to put him in the ring with Wardlow, it made Wardlow look like he’s a piece of sh*t. Nobody’s physique can compare with this f*cking guy’s, but he’s the sh*ts in the ring. He’s robotic, his matches make no sense, he just wants to do moves, he’s rotten. And so what they did was they matched Wardlow up with a guy who’s bigger and more impressive physically, even if he’s not taller. And at the same time, had a sh*tty match with him.”

“Nobody cares about Brian Cage, the fans, the people, they don’t give a sh*t. But he’s kicking the sh*t out of Wardlow and Wardlow is selling his ass off for him. So this was, and I’m, I’m pretty sure that he set the record for audibly, not audibly, but visually talking to his opponent on a television match in this thing, because all you saw was cages lips moving, and so apparently he was calling it and somebody in there probably said, yeah, Cage has more experience, he’s been wrestling longer than Wardlow let him call it, f*cking hell.”

“So, again, Wardlow was up there with the people three months ago and now they’re just doing everything they can to neutralise his best points. Goldberg being manhandled by a preliminary guy with a great physique is kind of what they just did here.”

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