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Jim Cornette Blames ‘F***ing imbeciles’ For Charlotte WrestleMania Omission

Charlotte Flair

Jim Cornette has commented on recent reports that Charlotte Flair was removed from WrestleMania because WWE doctors thought she was pregnant.

Charlotte had been missing from WWE television for several weeks before she issued a statement on social media clearing up the reason for her absence. Rumours had circulated that it had been connected to fiancé Andrade’s recent exit from the company.

Andrade subsequently gave an interview where he suggested that WWE doctors had medically suspended Charlotte due to her being pregnant. However, it turned out Flair was not pregnant after all.

Jim Cornette speaking on his ‘Jim Cornette Experience’ podcast gave his usual forthright views on the situation:

“They [WWE] actually pulled Charlotte out of WrestleMania because their doctors saw her physical, medical results, or whatever from a physical or a test and thought she was pregnant but she’s not. By the time they found out she wasn’t pregnant, they’d taken her out of WrestleMania. What a bunch of f***ing imbeciles.”

“They didn’t even give her a pregnancy test, […] apparently she had some other type of medical test. I suppose they test all the talent on a regular basis, and because she had an elevated reading on something the WWE doctors said ‘oh, that means you’re pregnant’, and just told her she was pregnant. And told the office and pulled her out of WrestleMania. She took like three or four home pregnancy tests and says ‘no I’m not pregnant’ but by then they’d already done it.”

“Charlotte, their biggest female star is not on WrestleMania. I don’t know if she’s the biggest, she’s the most talented – is not on WrestleMania because they’ve got f***ing quack doctors – that’s basically it.”

Reports suggested Charlotte Flair’s original WrestleMania plans involved rival Lacey Evans. Evans had been involved in a storyline with Charlotte’s dad Ric. These plans had to be dropped when it was revealed that Lacey Evans was pregnant.

Following that, Flair seemed poised to challenge former tag-team partner Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship. However, in Flair’s absence Rhea Ripley debuted on Raw and issued her own challenge for the title. Asuka and Ripley will meet on Night 2 of the weekend-long spectacular.

Jim Cornette has also recently given his opinion on iconic WWE Superstar Sable. Sable was a staple of the Attitude Era and won the Women’s Championship at the 1998 Survivor Series.

Credit: Jim Cornette Experience

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