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Jim Cornette Says Recent Dynamite Match Was “An Insult To Adam Cole’s Career”

Adam Cole

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has shared his view that AEW is not making the best use of Adam Cole as he disparaged the company for a recent Dynamite match.

Adam Cole shocked the system in September 2021 when he made his surprise debut in AEW at All Out. Since then Cole has been at the centre of The Elite alongside The Young Bucks and now has other friends in the form of Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly by his side as well.

While Cole remains immensely popular despite his villainous ways, not everyone is a fan of how the former NXT Champion is being used in AEW. Speaking on his Drive Thru podcast, the legendary manager of The Midnight Express Jim Cornette explained his distaste for AEW’s recent use of Adam Cole:

“So for Christmas, I got my hopes dashed. Not only for Adam Cole doing anything worthwhile in the wrestling business again, but now if The Undisputed Era is reunited, I don’t give a sh*t!”

“The first 20 to 25 minutes of this programme was every bad habit that AEW has ever had that they haven’t learned how to not do. From the start, this is national television, and the match is Adam Cole vs. [Orange Cassidy].”

“The company mascot opens the show against a guy who was a WWE superstar up until about 3 or 4 weeks ago and has now been relegated to bad comedy skits. So as soon as I saw this, [I thought] they have completely nullified any meaningful impact that Adam Cole could have on their business.”

Cornette illustrated his point by noting that Adam Cole’s own AEW debut was somewhat overshadowed by Bryan Danielson who appeared just moments after Cole burst onto the scene at All Out:

“He was put in a secondary position from his debut, which was under Danielson, and he has been associating himself with clowns, jackoffs and has been immersed in bad comedy ever since. I was hoping that the Undisputed Era reforming would have an impact, but we would find out that it won’t.”

Jim Cornette finished by calling a match with Orange Cassidy a joke, and thinks it shouldn’t have taken an undisputed effort to put Cassidy away:

“So I fast-forwarded this, I’m not going to watch this match, it’s a f*cking joke. It’s an insult to Adam Cole’s career, and it went 20 minutes! Bobby Fish comes out to distract [Cassidy] like Adam Cole should need a distraction to beat the mascot.”

“And then Kyle O’Reilly comes in from behind, people see him and are like ‘oh sh*t!’ He hits 3 strikes on [Cassidy] before he falls on the ground. [Kyle] then rolls out and Adam Cole still hits his finish on this f*cking wafer-thin, fishy white joke.”

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