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Jim Cornette Urges AEW To Keep Wardlow Away From “Phoney Bullsh*t”

Wardlow flexing

Jim Cornette has called on AEW to keep moving Wardlow up the card and away from comedy “phoney bullsh*t”

At AEW Double or Nothing Wardlow finally got his hands on MJF and promptly demolished his now former employer, much to the delight of the Las Vegas crowd.

Away from MJF’s real-life issues with the company heading into the bout, the action went ahead as scheduled, with the star taking ten Powerbomb’s before leaving on a stretcher.

With victory, as per the stipulation of the match, Mr Mayhem is now free of the former leader of The Pinnacle and signed to AEW.

Heading into the following episode of Dynamite, fans wondered who might be next on Wardlow’s hit list. After making short work of JD Drake, the star was confronted by Mark Sterling who presented him with a class action lawsuit in relation to his violence towards American Arena Security Professionals.

Speaking on the latest episode of his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager said that the coming weeks will be make or break for the star.

“Wardlow’s free. He’s not tethered to a heel that has taken advantage of him. He doesn’t have an antagonist. So now, Tony Khan is going to start booking him. This could be Goldberg or this could be Tomko. As you know, remember Tomko when he was gonna be the biggest baby face in TNA wrestling in 2007 until sh*t-stain figured out a way to do it even better and killed him and the whole deal.”

After co-host Brian Last suggested that he should go after the TNT Championship, Cornette pointed out that this would have been a better option than what happened, before imploring AEW to keep the star away from comedy acts.

“That would have helped instead of what they did here because after the ‘one, two, three’, Tony Schiavone gets in the ring to interview Wardlow, who doesn’t get the chance to speak one word before here comes Mark Sterling, the fake lawyer with the fake security. And Sterling does a fake promo where he has filed a fake class action suit on behalf of a fake security company. That are mad because their fake security guards have been getting beat up by Wardlow. Wardlow power bombs one of them it’s Gaga. Keep Wardlow out of the comedy. Keep Wardlow out of interacting with fucking underneath preliminary and middle card talent.”

Continuing on, Cornette hammered home that Wardlow should be kept away from what he calls “phoney bullsh*t.”

“They’ve not learned a goddamn thing. Now they’re gonna make him silly and the people are gonna go okay, well. Yes, it was silly. The idea that he would be an indentured servant to MJF and then he’d have to do all these things, jump through these hoops to get out of his contract, but at least you had a guy like MJF that could verbally carry this thing and make it plausible. And had such charisma, personality, heat getting ability that he could get people into the thing and they wanted to see the the big Wardlow break away from his evil you know captors blah blah blah.

But now if you’re putting this guy with Mark Sterling’s of the world and comedy underneath figures and doing fake shit with him without an MJF there and for what for no real goal you’ve just, it’s fucking him up. They’ve got him this far.

And like you said, boy, they could have smashed him over for the TV title. Or he could have done something to make some impact in some other way or just give him wins and be done with that into you’ve got something but don’t give him a win and then put him in phoney bullshit. And people just go ah f*ck.”

During the episode, Jim Cornette also heaped praise on MJF, calling him a “once in a generation performer.”

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