Jim Cornette Calls Recent AEW Match An “Illogical Bunch Of Mayhem”

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette wasn’t a fan of a recent high-profile AEW match, branding it “nonsensical” and “illogical.”

On June 29th the Jericho Appreciation Society went to war against Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz and Claudio Castagnoli in the second-ever Blood and Guts match.

The feud between the two sides has been building for months, and unsurprisingly the match was a brutal affair. The combatants used a stunning array of weapons including kendo sticks, thumb tacks and steel chairs.

In the end it was the team headed by Moxley who claimed the win as Castagnoli forced Matt Menard to tap out on top of the steel structure. But not before Eddie Kingston had launched Sammy Guevara from the cage through a platform below.

The match was a big hit with many fans, but it appears that Jim Cornette wasn’t one of them. Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager slammed the bout as “unsavoury disgusting bunch of bullsh*t.”

“Yeah, well it’s a thing that they do now. But again, free television, an hours worth of this stuff no War Games match ever went an hour ever for the same reason that people will get sick and tired of seeing this chaos and it becomes unbelievable. And the war games matches they weren’t allowed to bring in any inanimate objects that they so desired because they were already in a gimmick match they didn’t need to gimmick it.

But you know, it’s embarrassing that people think when they when anybody that happens to be flipping by as they say civilians, outsiders, mainstream folks people not in the wrestling bubble. It’s embarrassing to me that they think that this is what wrestling is. And they watch this and they go well we don’t want to have our kids watching this sh*t or we don’t want to watch this sh*t or looking at stupid those guys are, they’re all a bunch of drug addicts and morons. And you watch this programme, you do not get any alternate viewpoint.

You don’t get the ‘God look at the talent that Bryan Danielson the athletic ability he’s showing.’ Or ‘Look at the verbal capacity of a CM Punk or what have you.’ You get a bunch of guys, fake fighting and barbed wire and thumbtacks and it’s the most unsavoury disgusting bunch of bullsh*t, that I can imagine why anybody would want people to think about wrestling like this. I can’t, I can’t get it. And that’s my thoughts on Blood and Guts.

I love the blood, and I even love the guts, If people can believe that the two guys are actively trying to separate each other from their blood and guts. But when it’s a f*cking mud show, phoney looking obviously fake, contrived, stupid, nonsensical, illogical bunch of mayhem, it makes everybody in our business look like a goddamn idiot. And that’s all I got to say about it.”

Despite the chaos, the feud between the two sides looks set to continue. On the July 6th episode of Dynamite, Eddie Kingston was cutting a promo in the ring, when the Jericho Appreciation Society attacked Ruby Soho backstage.

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