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Jim Cornette – AEW Fans Are Sensitive Because They’re “F***ing Mad”

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has shared his thoughts on why he feels fans of All Elite Wrestling are sensitive to his criticism of the promotion.

Cornette has been outspoken about the company since its inception. This in turn has garnered a negative reaction from supporters of the upstart company.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the former manager of The Midnight Express discussed why in his opinion the AEW fans were sensitive to his words.

Cornette explained:

“So that was the point of what I was saying. The reason why they’re so sensitive is because they have a vested interest in is that small group – they’re going to be proven wrong if this thing flops, that’s why they’re so sensitive. Because it’s like you’re telling them they’re idiots, because they [go] ‘Oh, this is gonna be the thing?’ Well, no, it ain’t gonna be the thing open up your eyes, but that’s why they’re f**king mad.”

“They’re sensitive because they thought that this rag-tag band of indie talent collected together under a completely inexperienced booker, with a wide variety of EVPs [Executive Vice Presidents], all pushing different styles, most of which make no f**king sense and only appeal to their friends and followers. They thought that this was going to be it, Vince was going to be sh*tting himself, shaking like a dog sh*tting peach seeds – and it ain’t happening and they’re p*ssed.”

Cornette then likened some of the AEW content to his own work as an on-screen manager:

“That’s why they’re so sensitive, because we’re, as I’ve said many times. As a heel, I was very funny for a heel in those days. But because the people believed that I was an a**hole. The ones I was going for didn’t laugh at the jokes when I would criticise Ricky and Robert. It might be a funny line for people that were smart to the business or somebody just walking by. But the goddamn little girls that liked Ricky and Robert didn’t think it was funny.”

“Like a joke about your ugly wife, somebody else’s ugly wife, that joke’s funny. But if your wife’s ugly, it ain’t funny. And that’s their problem. These AEW fans, we’re pointing out the obvious that everybody else can see that’s liked wrestling for a million years, and sees this looks nothing like it. But these people, they’re like, ‘he’s calling my wife ugly’. Well, she just happens to be.”

Jim Cornette also discussed his thoughts on Kane entering the WWE Hall Of Fame. Cornette previously employed the man behind the mask, Glenn Jacobs when he ran his own Smoky Mountain Territory promotion.

Credit: Jim Cornette Experience

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