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Jim Cornette Blasts Recent AEW Dynamite Featuring “The Worst Segment I Have Ever Seen”

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette didn’t mince words about a segment that recently aired on AEW Dynamite!

Whether he’s being critical or lavishing praise on something, legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette isn’t afraid to speak his mind when it comes to his thoughts on professional wrestling. During his decades in the business, he’s seen just about everything – but he now says that a recent segment on AEW Dynamite is the worst segment he’s ever seen.

On the May 4th episode, Brian Pillman, Jr. was cutting a promo while Griff Garrison and Julia Hart stood by. Julia Hart was still wearing her eyepatch as a result of Malakai Black spitting mist in her face months ago, and the skin below her covered eye was even more discolored than we’ve seen in the past.

Pillman’s promo was interrupted when the House of Black came out, and they seemed to want Julia Hart to join them. They handed Hart a chair, but just when it appeared she might turn on her Varsity Blondes teammates, she had a change of heart and backed off. Enraged, House of Black ripped off her eyepatch, but Death Triangle came out to make the save.

The segment wasn’t well received by fans who were waiting with baited breath for her to finally turn on her teammates, and speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette spared no thought when making it clear that he agreed with the criticism, saying the segment had absolutely no redeeming value.

“This was the worst segment I have ever seen on wrestling television because there was no redeeming value to this. This material was so horrible that nobody cared. Anybody who came up with this story should be sent away to prison. There’s no punishment too heinous. Nobody should have been forced to watch this. You send the kid [Brian Pillman Jr] to tell this story, which is hokey b****t. He tried so hard that he ended up screaming and squeaking, trying to put his soul into it for the rotten creative.”

Jim Cornette’s comments follow his assertion last week on the Jim Cornette Experience that the House of Black often operates in the dark to hide the fact that the act simply isn’t good.

“Maybe this is why they’re constantly in the dark, because they know that it sucks and they don’t want people to get a good close look at it so that’s why they’re always in the dark. Let’s cover that s**t up, don’t… Here you’re trying to sell this sub-standard product, control the lighting, subdued lighting.”

h/t Sportskeeda