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Jim Cornette On Recent AEW Dynamite Spot Being In Poor Taste

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has hit out at the recent AEW Dynamite clash between Jeff Hardy and Daby Allin, branding the contest’s biggest high spot “he stupidest thing I have ever seen.”

On the May 11th episode of AEW Dynamite, Darby Allin and Jeff Hardy met in the main event, in what many fans considered a dream match.

The bout formed part of the Owen Hart Memorial Tournament, with the winner advancing to the semi-finals.

As predicted the match containing two men who have little regard for the own bodies was a spectacular affair, featuring ladders, steel chairs and the ring steps. The biggest moment of the match came when Allin jumped from a ladder set up in the ring, onto Hardy and a row of steel chairs on the outside.

Although Allin partially landed on Hardy, his back took a tremendously terrifying bump, falling onto the chairs which were folded out rather than lying flat.

The match divided fans and wrestling figures on social media, with many admitting they enjoyed the match, while others wondered if the pair had pushed things too far.

One man certainly in the latter camp is Jim Cornette. Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the legendary manager questioned the wisdom of Allin jumping from the ladder. He suggested that not only did the spot make no sense, it was dangerous, and Jeff Hardy could have used his veteran status to steer the star away from performing the leap.

“Jeff Hardy, it looks like he hurts to breathe and again, it’s embarrassing, why are they putting him in this position? I wrote down ‘can this be over soon?’ We come back from the break and they are climbing the ladder that has got to be a 15 foot ladder. Then Jeff somehow winds up on the floor and Darby climbs to the top of this 15 foot ladder that is set in the ring. [Darby] gets to the top of it and jumps off in a forward flip, like he is taking a big back drop. Jeff is down there and is 200 lbs max, and this f*cking moron is flying at him 20 feet in the air.

Jeff reaches up but Darby goes past Hardy and takes a flat back bump onto the seats of the chairs that he set up at the start of the match. How coincidental. Why would Jeff stand there? Why would Jeff Hardy, I guess because he has no ability to say ‘You are a f*cking moron.’

He does have the veteran-ship to say ‘We are not going to do that.’ But he can’t because he used to do stupid sh*t too, which he can’t walk now and do stupid sh*t anymore. But nobody else told Darby ‘No, you are not going to do this. This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. It doesn’t belong in the match.’”

Continuing on, Cornette said that he felt the bump was in poor taste given the manner of Owen Hart’s death back in May 1999.

“By the way this wasn’t even the finish! There was 5 minutes left in the show after that bump, and they both got back in the ring. I don’t know what happened after that because I turned it off, I reached my limit. That was not the finish, a 20 foot backdrop off a ladder onto metal chairs on a concrete floor.

That was not only not the finish, but they are honouring Owen Hart by having a f*cking guy choose to fall from a great height while doing something that he had no business doing. Owen didn’t make that choice, he knew it was bullsh*t for him to be up there.”

In the end it was Jeff Hardy who grabbed the win, reversing a Coffin Drop into a Crucifix Pin. Hardy will square off against Adam Cole in the semi-finals, after the former NXT champion defeated Dax Harwood.

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