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Jim Cornette On AEW Blood and Guts – “They Got A Bunch Right Here”

Blood and Guts match

At AEW Blood and Guts, The Pinnacle overcame The Inner Circle in a chaotic, blood soaked contest.

The highly anticipated Blood and Guts match was originally meant to debut last year, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary wrestling personality initially moved to praise the match. Cornette explained that those involved did well to follow the original WarGames concept, singling out Dax Harwood in particular for his performance.

“They got a bunch right here. They got a few segments right, until it all went south. The cage looked great, they explained the rules and they were doing the legitimate rules. The match can’t end until it’s everybody in, and then it’s submission or surrender. There’s no pin falls. Dax and Sammy Guevara starting is perfect, because Dax is Arn Anderson, and that’s Arn’s spot to start. The best workers start, and this was a prime example of that. They opened up at 100mph with wrestling spots and them fighting, but they kept the pace up. Dax was bumping like crazy. And then Sammy runs Dax into the cage for his colour, and thank god they had blood in a cage match… I see people saying ‘Oh they shouldn’t have blood in this day and age.’ What the f*ck. This is not some bank addicted drug robber at some f***ing outlaw shot in New Jersey in somebody’s backyard slicing up some other moron… So I’d rather a whole lot let these guys get juice than almost anything these guys do. Because everything else they do is so f***ing dangerous these days you could actually hurt yourself. With the blade you are in charge of your own destiny and all it is is f***ing blood.

Cornette continued, explaining that while the performers used blood, it wasn’t always done in the smoothest manor. However, he did note that this was down to their lack of experience in ‘getting colour.’ Although again, the performers followed the classic format well.

“But it wasn’t really bad for a while. But they bring a chair in and now they’ve got a hat on a hat. Weapons in a cage. Sammy fought against them but they took over. They whacked him with a chair shot and it was a good chair shot. It took him 3 hours to get his colour and it wasn’t much, it was a PAP smear, but still he tried. None of these guys are experienced with getting colour because nobody ever does it anymore. Ortiz came in and made a big comeback, they were following the WarGames format very well. When the odds are even the babyfaces are up, when the heels have the advantage, the babyface is down.”

The legendary manager continued his run down of the match, saying that while everyone was working hard, the action was reckless but it remained a good match. However, after the “awkward” exchange between Wardlow and Hager, and everyone was finally in the ring, Cornette said that he felt the match turned.

“I was thinking they’ve got this but there was a disturbing amount of time left in the show. Here’s one of the most important things about WarGames, once you have got everyone in, the clock is ticking. You can wear out your welcome easily if you don’t keep it moving and get to the point. I wish they called me in advance because they found out the hard way. MJF got in a proceeded to get heat on everybody with all the heels helping him, and taunting Jericho who hadn’t made it in yet… All we need is one more guy in, and then we are gold. Here comes Chris Jericho. I swear to God, at that point I knew we were in trouble. When was the last time the last babyface comes in, both teams separate and they halt and all stand in separate rings. I can answer that, it’s never happened. Then they do a charge and a smoz, but f**k they are in 2 separate rings. They had to either lean over or climb through, it looked like a f***ing clusterf**k. It wasn’t a big meeting it was oh we gotta get through these ropes. Now it’s getting preposterous.

Cornette continued to be critical of Jericho’s performance saying that his use of the bat was unnecessary.

The rest of the match was then all about the build to the big spot at the end. With Jericho teetering on the brink, and MJF threatening to throw his adversary to the floor, Sammy Guevara finally surrendered for his team. However, MJF still pushed Jericho from the cage roof. Cornette explained that he was less than impressed with the spot, adding that if you can’t make it look good, you shouldn’t do it.

“Jericho did a trust fall onto what the announcers called a concrete stage so far below him. Jericho hits that concrete stage and it goes poof! It was an airbag under fake pieces of metal made out of cardboard. They were not only obvious, but flapping in the breeze. They replayed it and made it even more obvious. The airbag, the cardboard, Jericho talking to people with one eye open. No one was concerned about his safety because he just landed on a f***ing airbag. To the people on Twitter going ‘What do you expect for him to take a bump on concrete?’ No! We don’t expect him to take a f***ing bump at all. Unless they can make it look right…There’s no excuse for it. It was bad whatever artform you want to call it. If you can’t make the bump look good don’t do the f***ing bump. Don’t take off if you can’t make the landing.”

In conclusion, the former owner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling criticised the camerawork during the match and the overall production of the finish. He went on to compare the Blood and Guts finale with the closing moments of AEW’s other recent big shows.

“They had some of the worst camera angles ever. People falling, talking to each other, holding blades, sleeping with one eye open, gripping their pillow tight on their crash-pad. Everybody that saw that that is not an AEW lunatic mark laughed. That is not the reaction that should have been going for when there’s 9 other guys there cutting their heads, bashing each other with objects and bouncing off that cage that’s f***ing metal. Everyone is working their ass off until the big star comes in and takes his big bump which I am sure was his big idea. It’s phoney, embarrassing and people are laughing. He just sh*t all over all the work those guys did. You can see Vince doing that at 75 years old as a run-through and smiling after. Every time they build a big match or big moment it is a popcorn fart… Every time they do something big, everyone’s last thought is well that was stupid. Who could not be offended by that as the finish of a major Blood and Guts match.”

“I was with the first 9 guys, it was when Jericho got in and the match changed. They started doing the entertainment gaga instead of the slobber knocker portion. All they had to do was leave part of the ring in tact and go to a f***ing finish. They almost had it, until they changed the tone of it at the end and insist on telling everyone how phoney they are.”

Away from Blood and Guts, AEW have announced that they returning to the road this summer. A press release from the company confirmed that shows in Miami, Dallas and Austin have been scheduled for July.

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