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Jillian Hall Praises WWE Over 2009 Mental Breakdown

Jillian Hall entrance

Jillian Hall has come to the defence of WWE, revealing how they helped her during particularly tough period of her life back in 2009.

Former WWE star Jillian Hall has taken to social media to praise WWE for how they looked after her during her time of need in 2009.

The star had joined WWE in 2003 before making her main roster debut in July 2005. The former Divas Champion remained with the company until being released in 2010. Although she has continued to make occasional appearances.

Hall revealed that she lost a baby while she was part of the active roster and had what she described as a “complete mental breakdown.”

However, she explained that John Laurinaitis immediately got her a flight home, and found her a doctor. As time passed with her off the road, she said that the company routinely checked in on her, and made sure was “totally ok” before returning to work.

“So many people want to bash @WWE for how they treat their talent, but it’s a business, like any other. It’s a tv show! Did u know in spring (I think) 2009 I lost a baby while on the active roster? I had a complete mental breakdown in LA. I was booked for RAW but John Laurinaitis handled it so gracefully. He got me on a flight home and found me a dr immediately for intense therapy for the next 6 weeks. I was off the road for a bit and checked on frequently. They made sure I was totally ok before returning to work.”

The comments come as WWE find themselves under fire on social media over their handling of a backstage incident involving Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi.

On the May 16th of episode of Monday Night Raw, the pair had been due to wrestle in the main event as part of a six-pack challenge. However, during the show, the two women left the arena as a row over the creative direction of the match erupted. This led to the match being changed to a singles bout between Becky Lynch and Asuka.

During the show WWE released a statement confirming the walkout, while Corey Graves branded Banks and Naomi “unprofessional” on commentary.