Jey Uso Speaks On Piped In Crowd Noise “I Hate It. There Is No Energy”

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Ever since WWE was forced to change their television production thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, piped-in crowd noise has been a staple of weekly television in order to inject the product with life in lieu of fans, and Jey Uso has spoken out about his opinion.

WWE ThunderDome is rife with the faux interaction as we are unable – maybe wisely judging by the behaviour of some – to hear the presence of those shown on the screens which surround the ring. The method has even been adopted in the re-launch of NXT UK.

Some WWE talents have previously said that the noise doesn’t affect them, while others quite enjoy the atmosphere it brings.

Number one contender to the WWE Universal Championship, Jey Uso, does not like it one little bit. The Anoa’i family member recently spoke to The Gorilla Position Podcast about competing with the noise but no fans:

“I can definitely hear the piped-in noise [when I’m inside ThunderDome]. I hate it, though. There is no energy. I have to draw that [energy] from either myself or my opponent. Typically, you know how it is when you walk through the curtains, and there are people [providing you with that energy]. However, now it is like dancing in an empty room instead of when it’s go-time with the people. That part I miss, because I have to draw that from within myself, Uce.”

It isn’t just the crowd noise that he finds distracting. While present, Jey also opened up about missing people especially during the most important phase of his career:

“I used to walk down the aisle, and put my hand out to meet the fans, especially children. When I was a kid, I touched the hands of Ultimate Warrior, and that’s cool stuff which always sticks with you. So yea, those special moments I miss a whole lot. I really, really miss the people. That’s what made wrestling special, just like football. A live audience.”

With his brother Jimmy currently out of action with a knee injury, Jey has been strapped to a rocket and fired into the stratosphere during his rivalry with cousin Roman Reigns over the WWE Undisputed Championship.

The pair’s enmity has been one of the best storylines of the entire year thus far and was taken a step further this past Friday on SmackDown when Jey ambushed ‘The Tribal Chief’ after Jimmy had caused a distraction.

Jey Uso will challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship in a ‘I Quit’ Hell in a Cell Match this Sunday with dire consequences should he lose. If Jey quits, then he and brother Jimmy must fall in line or be exiled from the family altogether.

Inside the Ropes will have all the live coverage from WWE Hell in a Cell.

Credit for the interview: The Gorilla Position Podcast

h/t for the transcript: Wrestling Inc.