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Jerry Lawler – Roddy Piper “Didn’t Feel Like I Was A Worthy Opponent”

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Jerry Lawler has discussed his King Of The Ring 1994 main event against ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper and says he didn’t think things clicked because Piper didn’t think Lawler was “worthy.”

The King and Piper locked up for the only time in either man’s prestigious careers in the headline bout at King Of The Ring 1994 in Baltimore. The card that night saw Owen Hart and Razor Ramon going all the way in the King Of The Ring tournament with Hart being crowned ‘The King Of Harts’ when all was said and done. The WWF Championship was also on the line with Diesel successfully defending the title against Bret Hart with a disqualification victory. The night however was capped off with Lawler and Piper settling their differences with Piper coming out with the win.

Speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes’ own Findlay Martin for issue 2 of Inside The Ropes magazine, Jerry Lawler explained why he struggles to remember individual bouts and why he thinks his one-and-done match with Piper didn’t live up to expectations:

“I get people all the time that ask me about certain matches and there are so, so, so few matches that I can actually remember anything that really happened in the match. I’ve had over 10,000 matches in those 50 years [I’ve been in wrestling]. For me to try to remember any one match . . . Like I said, it was always to me about going to work and, when I went home, I forgot about it and I didn’t think about it until I went to work the next day.”

“A good match just depends on so many things. Honestly, I think one of the reasons the match with Roddy just didn’t click was [because] I don’t think he liked the booking on that match: I don’t think he liked the way they led up to the match, and I don’t think he liked . . . He didn’t feel like I was, like, a worthy opponent for him or something; I don’t know. I don’t think he was in a good mood that night.”

The story of the two WWE Hall of Famers has a happier conclusion as Jerry Lawler reveals that following the match, the two men became close friends:

“Before that match, Roddy and I had very, very little contact; I didn’t really know him well at all. But after that match, Roddy and I became really good friends. Right up until the end, every time I would be around Roddy, it was like he was just the coolest, nicest guy ever.”

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