Jerry Lawler Expected To Make Full Recovery

Jerry Lawler cuts a promo

On February 7th, it was reported that Jerry Lawler was undergoing treatment in hospital following a “serious medical episode”.

Further details emerged later in the day, with Lawler said to have been rushed to hospital 24 hours earlier after suffering a stroke. The King underwent surgery and his condition was described as “very serious”.

In the hours after the news broke, Dutch Mantell gave a positive update on the Hall of Famer, saying his condition was improving and he was expected to recover. Mantell confirmed that Lawler had initially lost feeling in his right side and his speech had been affected.

Lawler’s long-time friend Jim Ross also gave a positive update after speaking to his former broadcast partner. JR said that Lawler was understandably weak but that the prognosis was “positive”.

Jerry Lawler expected to make “full recovery”

Jerry Lawler’s official Twitter account has now confirmed the previous reports of his recovery, saying that with rehabilitation, the star is expected to “regain a full recovery”. He has thanked fans for their prayers and notes he “will be back in the near future”.

“Update on Jerry: After suffering a massive Stroke Monday. He is now recovering in a Fort Myers, FL hospital. His speech is limited, but with rehabilitation will regain a full recovery. He thanks everyone for the continued prayers and will be back in the near future.”

Jerry Lawler was most recently featured on WWE television as part of the Kick-Off Show for the Royal Rumble on January 28th. Just days earlier he made an appearance on the 30th-anniversary special of Monday Night Raw where he briefly served as a guest commentator. The star was also involved in a signing event over the weekend.

Everyone at Inside the Ropes continues to send our best wishes to Jerry Lawler and his family during his recovery.