Jerry Lawler Blames 42-Year-Old Raw Star For Causing His Cardiac Arrest

Jerry Lawler

10 years ago, Jerry “The King” Lawler would have a match with Dolph Ziggler, and following the bout, he would suffer from cardiac arrest. Today, Lawler is still taking about it.

On September 10, 2012’s edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, Jerry Lawler was speaking at the commentary table after his match with Dolph Ziggler, then immediately passed out. He was rushed to the hospital after the incident. Before collapsing, Jerry Lawler would partake in a tag team match with him and Randy Orton squaring off against Ziggler and CM Punk.

Jerry Lawler Takes Shots At Dolph Ziggler

While in the squared circle, Ziggler blasted Lawler in the chest several times with his elbow, which reportedly triggered the cardiac arrest. The incident would be so controversial that even Michael Cole would end his gimmick as a heel commentator.

Recently making an appearance on WWE Raw Talk for an interview, Lawler spoke about a multitude of topics. When Dolph Ziggler got brought up, “The King” took advantage of the moment to take a few shots at him, bringing up the cardiac arrest that place a decade ago.

“Can I say one more thing really quickly,” Jerry Lawler began. “I was so glad to see what happened to Dolph Ziggler. A lot of people don’t realize this. I’ve tried to tell it, but a lot of people don’t know ten years ago, Dolph Ziggler is the guy that caused me to have a cardiac arrest.

His blunt trauma to my chest during the match that we had, me and Randy Orton against Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk, he gave me 10 elbows to my chest and that trauma caused my heart to stop. He’s a killer and he needs to get some — I was so glad to see [Baron Corbin] do what he did tonight to that idiot Dolph Ziggler. It was so great.”

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