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Jennie Bond Confirmed As Royal Rumble Correspondent In Hilarious Video

Jennie Bond

Normally, we have to wait until the actual Royal Rumble Matches for shocks and surprises, but WWE UK has just given us one of the biggest shocks possible days before the event by making the Royal Rumble that little bit more royal – as Jennie Bond has been confirmed as the official Royal Rumble Correspondent!

In her first address, the former BBC Royal Correspondent gives us an update that there is “no confirmation” as of now as to any surprise appearances in either Royal Rumble Match.

“Hello, I’m Jennie Bond, Royal Rumble correspondent, ready to bring you the news and views ahead of the Royal Rumble this Sunday live on the WWE Network. Over the coming days, I’ll be spilling all the royal tea as we anticipate tussles, scuffles and plenty of handbags at dawn. No confirmation as of now as to any surprise appearances although history has told us that we should very much expect the unexpected. What we do know is that each Royal Rumble match will see 30 competitors enter the ring and only one will stand triumphant.”

Bond, who reported on all things regal in the United Kingdom from 1989 until 2003, would then point out the “astonishing princely conflict” at the Royal Rumble – as William takes on Andrew, when Goldberg and Drew McIntyre clash for the WWE Championship!

“However, all eyes will surely be on the astonishing princely conflict between William and Andrew. Who could have predicted such a growing sense of animosity between the pair? Yes, William Goldberg and Andrew McIntyre will slog it out for the title. The outcome really could have astronomical repercussions. The countdown is well and truly on. Jennie Bond, Royal Rumble correspondent. Now back to you in the studio.”

Be sure to follow WWE UK and Jennie Bond as they put the “Royal” in Royal Rumble with more news as the week progresses.