Jeff Jarrett Tips Santos Escobar For Main Roster Success

Santos Escobar

Speaking in a new interview, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett has heaped praise on former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar.

During the conversation with Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling, Jarrett discussed a potential return to the ring, what he’s expecting when WWE return to the road and why he holds Escobar in such high esteem.

In January 2019, Jeff Jarrett returned to WWE as a producer after being inducted into the Hall of Fame the year before. With his latest role in mind, Jarrett was asked which Superstar he sees being elevated to the next level when they get back in front of a live crowd.

While Double J wouldn’t be drawn on specific names, he did say that it would be interesting to see how fans react when shows return.

“You know, that’s a loaded question. I’ll say that because you never know [what the reaction could be once WWE starts touring again]. This industry, the professional wrestling industry going back on the road, there’s never been a time like this for it to go dark in last year of March so it’s 15, 16 months. For no crowds essentially [for] talent to [perform in front of] so it’s gonna be interesting to hear fans respond and that’s something that you know, you would have never dreamed certain times during my entire career that this guy would get a reaction, this guy didn’t quite get the reaction that you expected so that’s a loaded question. You say which talent and this and that. I think it’s gonna be very exciting to see.”

Reflecting on his own in-ring career, Jarrett hinted that he might not be quite ready to hang up his boots just yet. While the former Intercontinental Champion hasn’t wrestled in two years, he said that he always keeps his trademark guitar close by.

“I’ve always got a guitar ready, always. So yeah, especially during the pandemic with no travel involved essentially. I double downed on my workouts and it’s something I love. It’s almost — it’s a hobby as well, staying in shape but I love it but yeah, I will — I’ll say this: I’ve always got a guitar close by.”

In recent years, Jarrett has also shared the ring with NXT Superstar Santos Escobar. The former WCW Champion had high praise for the Mexican star, tipping him for big things.

“So I’ll take you back even a prior year. I’ve known him [Santos Escobar] a long time but in 2017, I brought him to IMPACT, Global Force [Wrestling]. I brought him as a part of that. He’s bilingual which is huge. He understands both psychologies. He’s got a family lineage, his father, so he obviously grew up in Lucha Libre but he also understands the American style, and we’re buddies, we’re amigos but I cannot say enough good things about him as a performer. The sky’s the limit for him. He’s very articulate in both languages and so, I really think in 2022 and I’ll just say this: A year from now when you bring up his name, I think me and you would have a different conversation because I think the sky’s the limit for that guy and I couldn’t be happier for the opportunity that he’s getting today but I can see him being on the Raw and/or SmackDown roster sooner rather than later.”

In May, Jeff Jarrett also launched his own podcast, ‘My World’ as part of the Ad Free Network. On the show, Jarrett looks back over his 35-year career and what has been a lifetime in the business.