Jeff Jarrett Settles Lawsuit With Anthem

Jeff Jarrett Thumb

According to Law 360, ‘Double J’ Jeff Jarrett and Anthem have finally reached a settlement in their lawsuit over the trademark of the star’s name which has been prevalent since 2018.

In August 2018, the former WWF Intercontinental Champion filed a suit against Anthem – the parent company of IMPACT Wrestling – for unlawful use of his name and image as well as stating that the company had violated both state and federal trademark infringements relating to Jarrett’s latest project at the time, Global Force Wrestling.

In his complaint, Jarrett insisted that Anthem had used footage from Global Force Wrestling: Amped which IMPACT then admitted to deleting tapes of without permission.

Fighting back, Anthem filed a countersuit in July 2019 to insist that the group were actually the rightful owners of the trademark ‘Jeff Jarrett’ and that the star as well as Global Force Wrestling had granted them permission in the form of a license to use both names and assets.

Since then, both parties have battled it out in court before a mistrial was declared in July 2020 with a settlement hearing being set in August. With that congregation now passed, both parties are said to have agreed on undisclosed terms which were not disclosed.

The case can now be considered over, unless the agreed terms are not met or one of the parties has any objections. A joint request for dismissal of both the original claim and Anthem’s counterclaim must now be submitted to the courts by October 1, 2022.

Global Force Wrestling was born after Jeff Jarrett was removed as a minority shareholder of IMPACT Wrestling in 2014. In order to gain a footing in the market, Jarrett began to strike deals with other promotions around the world, however, the company has remained on the shelf since 2018 when they staged Starrcast.

Jeff Jarrett currently works as Producer in WWE.