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Jeff Jarrett Says DX “Wouldn’t Have Been The Same” Without Chyna

Chyna in DX

Throughout her WWE career Chyna broke down barrier after barrier.

The 9th Wonder Of The World was the first woman to enter both the King Of The Ring and the Royal Rumble. While she still stands as the only woman to ever win the Intercontinental Championship.

As Chyna began to compete in more and more matches she entered a feud with Jeff Jarret. A feud which would culminate with Chyna winning the Intercontinental Title at No Mercy 1999.

Speaking on the first episode of his brand new podcast My World, Double J reserved special praise for his former rival. Jarrett said that he no problem ‘doing the job’ for Chyna that night, adding that DX simply wouldn’t have been the same without her.

“None [of the concerns putting a woman over], I mean literally none. That’s one of the parts to the story that has somewhat puzzled me, and also I do realise I guess as we sit here in 2021 that unless you were there, unless you realise, and maybe unless you were ringside night after night, cause, whether it was X-Pac, or New Age Outlaws or DX, whatever it was. Yes, Rock was hot and Stone Cold was über hot, Mick Foley and Mankind and Undertaker when you think about that roster. But DX in so many different ways, that faction represented the Attitude Era and I was well aware of it with my ‘promoter cap’ on, and when you looked at the ying and the yang of that group – you take Chyna out of that group and her look, it’s not quite the same, it just wasn’t. When she would slide in the ring and low blow somebody with Triple H and all that, she was over – I mean she was over big time.”

Reflecting further, Jarrett said that when he heard about the story with Chyna, he jumped at the opportunity to get involved. Jarrett went on to explain that he thought the program would get over in a big way, and that it ended up being a really well told story.

“Jackie had wrestled Brian Christopher, Lawler’s kid, in USA. I had come up in a territory that you had ‘moondogs’ and you had this and we had characters, so the man-woman thing never really played in my brain, and maybe that’s in part because my grandmother was a promoter and she would wear your butt out if you didn’t listen to her, but anyhow, Chyna as a character was red hot. When I was originally told, sort of where this was going, I jumped at it. I’m like ‘this will get over, this will get over big’, and it did. You look at the final match and where we were at in the card, but I look at it from a promoter perspective that people- that was one of the two or three things they came to see that night. The product, and when I say the product – the angle, the storyline, the match – was built so well. Of course when you go back and listen to Lawler and JR tell the Double J-Chyna story, it’s just perfect, because Lawler had talked about puppies for so long, and there he goes and that whole thing went down, then all of a sudden, then he’s the colour commentator he’s talking about how bad ‘oh Chyna shouldn’t do [that]’. It was really, really a well told story.”

In a recent interview, with Inside The Ropes’ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Jarrett recalled his time in WWE and working with Vince McMahon. The former Intercontinental Champion would describe McMahon as “probably the greatest promoter of all forms of entertainment, of all time”

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