Jeff Jarrett Claims Road Dogg Is D-Generation X’s Most Creatively Talented Member

Road Dogg Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett and Road Dogg have worked together closely for decades, long before Road Dogg became a member of D-Generation X. Road Dogg, real name Brian James, worked alongside Jarrett as The Roadie from 1994-1995 until both men suddenly left the company. When James came back in 1996, it was revealed that he was the real singer behind Jarrett’s country hit With My Baby Tonight, and he began calling himself the “real Double J” Jesse Jammes.

When Jarrett was inducted into the 2018 class of the WWE Hall of Fame, it was Road Dogg that inducted him, and the two men sang a duet of With My Baby Tonight to the delight of those in attendance.

Jeff Jarrett Believes Road Dogg Doesn’t Get Enough Credit For His In-Ring Work In Addition To His Creativity

Speaking on the latest episode of his My World podcast (available early via AdFreeShows), Jeff Jarrett spoke about Road Dogg‘s long career in wrestling and their friendship in the business. Jarrett claimed that out of the members of D-Generation X, Brian James is the most creatively talented.

“I think Brian was the most talented member of DX from a creative perspective, but if you go back and watch different matches, I don’t think Brian gets enough credit for his in-ring skills.”

Later on in the podcast, Jarrett spoke about Road Dogg’s position as a behind-the-scenes executive in WWE, where he currently serves in the position of Senior Vice President of Live Events. He took over in the role after Jarrett left the position back in August.

“Brian having the ability to see the complete canvas I think is his greatest gift today. I’m saying behind the camera, take a step back and whether it’s when the guy walks out or how the guy walks out, his entrance, how he hits his finish, how he gets his hand raised, how he does certain moves, sequence of moves, just all the artistic creative ability, Brian is a master at curtain talk. He literally can watch something and make little minor adjustments that mean everything.”

Brian James appeared alongside his fellow members of D-Generation X to celebrate the group’s 25th anniversary on the October 10th season premiere of WWE Raw. His fellow New Age Outlaw Billy Gunn did not appear as he’s currently signed to All Elite Wrestling, though a deal to have him a part of the show was nearly struck according to one report.