Jeff Jarrett Reveals The Key To Drawing Money As A Wrestler

Jeff Jarrett backs away from Sting at AEW Full Gear

Jeff Jarrett has been tied to professional wrestling for his entire life.

As well as his own exploits inside the squared circle, his father Jerry Jarrett was one of the most influential promoters in the history of the industry. Jeff Jarrett’s vast experience both on-screen and backstage puts him in a perfect position to be able to see what works and what doesn’t.

After leaving WWE in August 2022, Jarrett found his way to AEW where he debuted by smashing a guitar over the head of Darby Allin. It was later revealed that Jarrett will work as AEW’s Director of Business Development as well as appearing on-screen.

A frequent criticism of AEW has been how the company will often book matches with little to no story. This conversation dominated the news earlier in 2023 when Kenny Omega took on El Hijo del Vikingo. Although the match itself was praised, some suggested it didn’t really mean anything as there was no long-term, AEW-related story attached.

Speaking on his podcast, My World, Jarrett agreed that having matches for the sake of matches won’t work as a long-term strategy.

“If you just have a match to have a match, it may be entertaining, but there is no ROI [return on investment] There is no revenue. I don’t believe there’s any revenue generated out of it.”

While reflecting on his own match at the top of the card at SuperBrawl 2000, Jarrett explained that they’re three ways that a pay-per-view headlining match can draw money.

“Three-ways, for it to draw money, the heel has to be red hot. The story has to be red hot. A single main event, you better have some heat on your heel, or have a real hot babyface.”

Jeff Jarrett Discusses His Move To AEW

Speaking elsewhere, Jarrett opened up about his interest in AEW and how his move to the company came about. The veteran explained that he has been watching AEW since the company launched and the spot with Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal, and Sonjay Dutt seemed like a natural fit.

H/t to Wrestling Inc