Jeff Jarrett Recalls The Rock’s Failed “Million Bucks” Business Venture

The Rock - Dwayne Johnson

Jeff Jarrett has recalled an unlikely business venture that was in the works between The Rock and veteran motorsports and NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler.

Speaking on his My World podcast [available at] with co-host Conrad Thompson, Jarrett – who knew Rock as a young aspiring wrestler from his days in Memphis – discussed Sadler going into business with the movie megastar.

Jeff Jarrett recounted:

“So that is a whole other podcast, but Hermie Sadler and The Rock were going in business together. And that went south and Hermie had spent, this is a whole other podcast for another story but, almost a million bucks on this ‘Dwayne Johnson Hermie Sadler Racing’. So Hermie invested a lot of money and then that went south overnight because Dwayne didn’t own ‘The Rock’ at that time, that went south, and then that all went away. And there were some really hard feelings. And then coincidentally, or not or maybe not so much. Coincidentally, this resurfaced, and now they’re going to figure out a way to do business. But it never panned out.”

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the end never entered the world of motorsports but these days he has plenty of business interests to keep him busy. Johnson founded his production company Seven Bucks Productions in 2012. More recently The People’s Champ along with business partner Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital bought the XFL out of bankruptcy after the previous owner – Vince McMahon – abandoned the venture.

Hermie Sadler is an experienced NASCAR driver who has been racing professionally since 1992. Sadler is no stranger to the wrestling business, feuding with Ron Killings in TNA soon after the company was founded by Jarrett and his father. In 2014 the professional relationship between Sadler and Jarrett was rekindled when Sadler joined the board of directors at Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling.

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