Jeff Jarrett Recalls Owen Hart Ribbing Him During Their WWE Run

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The late Owen Hart is well known for being a prankster in the locker room, and one man well familiar with Hart’s antics is his former tag team partner Jeff Jarrett.

The duo teamed up toward the end of Hart’s life, when he was portraying the character of the Blue Blazer, an arrogant superhero who insisted he was not Hart under his mask despite obviously using Hart’s catchphrases and physical mannerisms. The team even won the WWE Tag Team Championships in January of 1999 when they defeated Ken Shamrock and The Big Boss Man, losing the titles the following April. They continued to team together until Hart’s life came to a tragic end at Over the Edge the following May.

Speaking on a recent episode of My World, Jarrett spoke about memories of his friend as the anniversary of his May 23rd passing approaches. According to Jarret, Hart would constantly rib him throughout their partnership, jumping into his arms and refusing to be put down.

“Owen would jump up on me, hold onto my neck and go ‘Hold me! Hold me! Hold me!’ as a rib, and he’s like, ‘alright, let’s go up the ramp. You’d try to put him down but he kinda just holds onto you… he was heavy!”

“Teaming With Owen Was Always A Blast” – Jeff Jarrett On His Friendship With Owen Hart

Continuing, Jarrett made it clear that he had fun teaming with Owen, and believes their team clicked with the addition of Debra as their manager.

“Teaming with Owen was always a blast… it was stuff that you’d go through the curtain and go, ‘We get paid to do this? Our chemistry clicked, the team clicked with Debra. At the end of the day, Jeff and Owen were really just playing Jeff and Owen on TV.”

Jeff Jarrett was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2018, and ahead of his induction, he broke down into tears when speaking about how Owen Hart would have behaved at the ceremony had his life not come to a tragic end. According to Jarrett, Hart would no doubt be making him try to forget his speech or lightening the mood with any variety of antics.

Jarrett is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling, which will once again honor Hart when the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament begins on May 28th at Double or Nothing. The tournament will culminate in Hart’s hometown of Calgary, AB.

h/t WrestlingInc