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Jeff Jarrett Recalls ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage’s Short TNA Run

Macho Man

Jeff Jarrett has opened up about the short-lived run of ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage in TNA, suggesting Savage being in the twilight of his in-ring career played its part in his abrupt departure.

In the early years of TNA, Jeff Jarrett brought many a legend into the company, one of whom was Randy Savage. The Macho Man confronted Jarrett, but left the company just one month later with the departure shrouded in mystery. In a recent interview, Inside The Ropes’ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy asked the six-time Intercontinental Champion how he reflects on that stint.

“Look, Randy and my father, Randy and his brother Lanny, and his father, Angelo, they ran a promotion. back in those days, it was called Opposition, and then he came to work for my father, very successful program and huge box office, him and Lawler and then they had the loser leaves town and Randy went to the WWF from my family’s home promotion. So the Jarretts and the Poffos and the ‘Savages’ so to speak, we go back to to the ’70s.”

Jarrett divulged that they weren’t sure what the direction was when Savage joined.

“So, at that time, we’d just gotten to Orlando or hadn’t been there long. Him and my father had multiple discussions. We were really not sure, on either side, what direction it was going to take place. It’s a fascinating story, again, of what went down because what was reported and what actually really transpired, and what the real forward moving plans… You’ve got to remember where Randy was at that time in his life, rap music and Superman movies and, you know, in-ring career was way in his rear-view mirror.

As for the full story, we’ll have to wait for Double J to explain that on My World, and he believes the true story will surprise us all.

“So the wrestling fans, there was a lot of chatter around things that were never discussed. But when we get to My World and dive into it, I think even Conrad may be surprised on a few of these, that one in particular as well.”

Jarrett previewed his show, which debuts this week, by teeing up many of the topics he covers on the show – including bringing ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage to TNA, Owen Hart, finding out he was fired on live TV, and much, much more.

“You know, with Bruce’s podcast, Something To Wrestle With, and Conrad as the co-host of Bruce’s podcast and now mine, we’re going to get into that because what’s really unique, Bruce was actually in Panama City, but obviously working for Vince and so there’s a really cool backstory to that and as you dig deeper into it, we’re going to cover that in one of the first few episodes of My World. So that’s something that… That’s been talked about. The match with Chyna… I mean, I could go down the list of stories, the Double J vignettes and being part of the Four Horsemen.”

You can read the full interview here.

Thank you to Jeff Jarrett for taking the time. You can catch the premiere episode of My World with Jeff Jarrett this Tuesday, May 4th, and every subsequent Tuesday by subscribing to AdFreeShows.