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Jeff Jarrett Recalls Fantastic Owen Hart Prank

Owen Hart

Jeff Jarrett has recalled one of the famous ribs played by Owen Hart on an unsuspecting Ahmed Johnson at a live show in the mid-nineties.

Owen Hart was a notorious prankster among his peers in the WWF locker room with many stories of the lengths he would go to rib someone being told time and again.

Speaking on his My World podcast [available via AdFreeShows.com], Owen’s former tag team partner Jeff Jarrett has told one story to highlight the sense of humour of The King Of Harts.

Jarrett began:

“So the San Jose story to me is so good because we’re still talking about it today. But if you were there it’s like ‘Owen’s really got balls, dude’. So, it was a live event so not TV cameras and all that. We roll into town, everybody in different dressing rooms but you come out, basically at the end zone on one end or the other. Live event – back in those days very little production. But in the middle of the building basically, where guys come on and off the ice for hockey there was another thing where you could sit and watch the matches.”

“On the wall back in those days, there’s like an intercom system and Owen found headsets that the security in the building would use from time to time to communicate. Cell phones weren’t a thing. Jack Lanza was the agent and Jack, with his cigarettes, had the matches and you go over it and Owen, again passing the time. One thing led to another and Owen found out you could actually talk to the guy running the music up in one of the skyboxes. So it’s a production/security headset of all channels. Lanza wasn’t on those channels, he just ran the matches from not the Gorilla Position but just from backstage.”

With an opportunity to cause mayhem available, Owen directed his attention to Ahmed Johnson, a star who took his role very seriously:

“So the list of the matches came out, everybody would watch different matches. Ahmed Johnson took things very seriously and Owen knew that. Look, Owen got along with everybody, he just did. It didn’t matter, Owen was good-natured and got along with everybody at all times. You never saw him in a bad mood, that’s the truth. You saw Owen in serious moods and he would take the business very seriously but not in a bad mood.”

“On this particular day, Ahmed goes to the ring and Pearl River Plunge and that music hitting. So literally Ahmed’s music starts ‘ding ding’ and you know it’s a live event, it certainly wasn’t sold out in ’94 by any stretch of the imagination. But about maybe three minutes into the match in a very quiet, lock up maybe, but there’s nothing going on in the match.”

“Owen gets on the headsets, now granted there’s probably 8 or 10 of the boys watching the match, and Lanza is down at the other building he walks out, puts his chair right by the entrance and he’s smoking his cigarettes watching the match. Owen gets on the headsets and says to the production guy ‘Hit the music!’ and you can just imagine the guy going ‘What?!’ [Owen said] ‘Now dammit, I said hit the music!’ Sure enough, three minutes in to Ahmed’s match his music hits and it plays just long enough for people to react and Owen says ‘Dammit, kill the music, that’s enough for now,’ and sets the headsets down.”

Owen Hart wasn’t done there according to Jeff Jarrett. The WWE Hall Of Famer says Owen kept going and there wasn’t much agent Blackjack Lanza could do about it.

Jarrett continued:

“Everybody scrambles because we know Owen’s cranked this one up. Sure enough, it calms back down, they get the match going and Owen does it again. By that time it doesn’t take rocket scientists so Lanza goes ‘Ok, something’s going on with one of the boys’ and here comes Lanza walking down the hall. He’s looking around and he’s like I know something’s up but nobody’s around, he goes back. Owen proceeds to do this and about the fourth time and Owen’s coaxing the guy in production saying ‘Hey great job, great job, we’re gonna do this again.'”

“Anyway, Lanza comes round the corner and he [says] ‘Owen dammit, quit, that’s enough!’ But the rib was in, Ahmed was mad. You can imagine during the middle of the heat Owen has the music playing, right in the middle of the comeback, Owen knew when to pick the opportune spots and that was Owen. […] It was the most uncomfortable, awkward scenario that Owen turned into a gut-wrenching moment. Of course, by the time the next night happened and the next night happened that the story was completely embellished. But I was there and witnessed it and could not believe it at first but I was crying laughing.”

Jeff Jarrett has also recently discussed the rocky relationship he had with Stone Cold Steve Austin and how Austin did not want to work with Jarrett.

Credit: My World via AdFreeShows.com

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