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Jeff Jarrett Recalls Bash At The Beach 2000 Incident

Hulk Hogan

Jeff Jarrett believes “a lot of good” came from his infamous Bash At The Beach match with Hulk Hogan, despite calling the event a “black mark” for the industry.

The WCW event saw Double J lay down for ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan to defeat him for the World Championship, only for the match to be ruled null and void by Vince Russo, and Jarrett defeated by Booker T later that night with Hulkster leaving the company shortly thereafter. In a recent interview, Inside The Ropes’ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy asked the six-time Intercontinental Champion about the event, and if he knew what would transpire and how negatively it would be looked upon.

“There was so much that went on obviously behind the scenes, not just the day of. The weeks and months leading up to that. Candidly, for many years after that, there were there was litigation, there were lawsuits going on. There was a lot of ‘he said, she said’ – I never spoke on it. Ever. I had very, very little to say about it.”

While Jarrett remained coy on the details for now, he insists it will be a feature of his upcoming ‘My World’ podcast.

“Conrad, he almost said, “We’re talking about that.” So we will. That’s coming up. But you layer in the factors of Brad Siegel and Hulk Hogan, and Vince Russo, and Booker T. You know, there was a lot of good that came out of that night. As bad as… There was A LOT of dysfunction.”

The WWE Hall of Famer called the event a “perfect example” of WCW and how no one person was ever to blame due to the convoluted structure behind the scenes.

“To me, it was a perfect example of the microcosm that WCW was, that it was such a corporate entity that the buck didn’t stop with any one person. It stuck with Hogan on creative control, Vince was the head writer and then you had Eric’s role in it, and Brad Siegel, and you had the executives, and then obviously me as a talent, and then the timing of Booker stepping up to the plate. It’s a really fascinating story.”

Jarrett continued, remembering his hesitance to even make his way to the ring.

“I can remember when the music hit for me to come out… If you go back and watch the original, I think my song played through at least once, maybe twice, because I wanted to wrap my head around what I knew, being third generation – my grandmother got into this business in 1946 – so knowing what was about to transpire, the uniqueness of the story and John Laurinaitis, who’s head of talent relations, you know him in the room with me, and me and Hogan talking about the full-on match – and we had a 20-25 minute match being discussed. There’s a lot of ins and outs of that story that, candidly, I’ve never told. So I’m excited to sort of dive into that. Everybody remembers what a black mark that day was and I could not agree more. It was not good for the industry but the story behind it is pretty compelling.”

Jarrett previewed his show, which debuts this week, by teeing up many of the topics he covers on the show – including bringing ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage to TNA, Owen Hart, finding out he was fired on live TV, and much, much more.

“You know, with Bruce’s podcast, Something To Wrestle With, and Conrad as the co-host of Bruce’s podcast and now mine, we’re going to get into that because what’s really unique, Bruce was actually in Panama City, but obviously working for Vince and so there’s a really cool backstory to that and as you dig deeper into it, we’re going to cover that in one of the first few episodes of My World. So that’s something that… That’s been talked about. The match with Chyna… I mean, I could go down the list of stories, the Double J vignettes and being part of the Four Horsemen.”

You can read the full interview here.

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