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Jeff Jarrett On His On-Screen Break Up With Debra McMichael

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Jeff Jarrett has discussed working with Debra McMichael and how their partnership on-screen broke down as she and Stone Cold Steve Austin began a relationship.

Jarrett rejoined WWE from WCW in October 1997. From there Jeff Jarrett ran through several on-screen alliances. He was managed for a spell by Tennessee Lee and was also part of an NWA revival led by Jim Cornette.

Eventually, Jarrett was told he was going to have a new on-screen partner as Debra McMichael was joining the company. McMichael initially joined WCW at the side of her husband and ex-Chicago Bear, Steve McMichael.

Speaking on his new My World podcast [available at AdFreeShows.com] Jarrett told co-host Conrad Thompson he was a little perplexed at the ever-changing nature of his on-screen allies.

Jarrett explained:

“[Debra] came in and I can remember actually, I think Ed Ferrara might have been the first guy that told me ‘hey Debra’s coming in’. Then [Vince] Russo told me ‘and we’re gonna put her with you.'”

“Tennessee Lee, Robert Fuller, an old buddy of mine we had that then that went away. Then the next thing you know, ok I think I did the NWA stint there for a little bit. Then ‘oh Debra’s with you’. Oh really, where’s this coming from? […] It just came out of left field.”

Later on, Thompson tells Jarrett of the rumours from the time that Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was romantically involved with McMichael by this time, wanted Jarrett and Debra separated.

Jarrett gave his side of the story, confirming that the rumours were true:

“Yes. I mean, me and Percy Pringle [Paul Bearer] were on a plane going overseas when their relationship first started. Percy gigged me and said ‘well buddy, your act’s over’ just as a joke. But he’d been around a long time like that, so he knew. But that act was really hot and I didn’t really know if that was gonna be true. What Vince’s [McMahon] thought was. What Russo’s thought was. Just where it was all gonna go but I knew that was way out of my control completely. But you could see the writing on the wall leading up to the Charlotte pay-per-view.”

The Charlotte pay-per-view that Jarrett mentions is Unforgiven 1999. At that event, Jarrett put his Intercontinental Title on the line against Chyna. During the match Debra appeared and turned on Jarrett, smashing him over the head with one of his own guitars. Jarrett eventually won the match via DQ after Debra’s interference but their on-screen relationship was now over.

Jeff Jarrett also recently discussed his experiences with the late Owen Hart. The two men were a tag team at the time of Hart’s death in 1999.

Credit: My World via ADFreeShows.com

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