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Jeff Jarrett Names “The Greatest And Most Timeless Wrestling Persona Ever”

Jeff Jarrett

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett has named what he believes is the greatest and most timeless persona in the history of wrestling.

The Jarrett family has been entrenched in the world of professional wrestling going back three generations. The second of those generations, Jerry Jarrett was a famed promotor who founded the CWA in the 1970’s before merging it with World Class Championship Wrestling to create the USWA.

In the early 2000’s Jarrett senior teamed with his son Jeff to launch NWA:TNA which would later become IMPACT Wrestling. While Jeff Jarrett enjoyed a lengthy career of his own inside the ring, most famously appearing in WWE and WCW throughout the 1990’s and into the Attitude Era, before wrestling for TNA.

This experience, arguably gives Jarrett a perfect vantage point when it comes to looking back at wrestling history. Speaking during an interview with Bally Sports, the former Intercontinental Champion revealed what he believes to be the most timeless wrestling persona of all-time.

Jarrett picked out The Undertaker as the greatest character, describing his three decade run in WWE as “unfathomable.”

The persona; maybe Vince McMahon and Mark Calaway is the greatest, timeless persona ever in this industry because of that mystique. But I think, getting to know the human being now, you go, ‘Wow!’ They were really the same person,” Jarrett explained. “And I say that with a ton of respect. But when talking about a true run – the late 80’s until just last year… who has a 30-YEAR run? It’s almost unfathomable.”

Jarrett also revealed that he still calls Calaway ‘Undertaker’ even though he has gotten to know the man underneath the black hat over the years.

“I still like to call him ‘Undertaker’. I don’t want to call him Mark, because Mark has done some behind the scenes and we’ve gotten to know from time to time through some documentaries of just Mark Calaway the human being. But I think one of the cool things – and I’ve told this to my wife and I told this to a couple of people: When you see Mark nowadays, you can call him Mark and you see the Undertaker talk as the human being, as the husband, as the father, as the businessman… when you talk about a locker room leader or someone who sets the culture,” Jarrett said, praising the ‘Dead Man’.

“I think people – and it’s just now coming around the appreciation – You know that guy, that Undertaker guy? That really is Mark Calaway, or that Mark Calaway? He really is the Undertaker.”

The Undertaker made his debut at Survivor Series in 1990 and through the following three decades and numerous iterations of his character became one of the most iconic Superstars of all-time. Despite bringing down the curtain on his in-ring career, some fans have wondered whether The Phenom might be tempted to get back in the ring one more time.

Speaking in a recent interview, The Deadman poured cold water on the speculation saying that his time had past.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.