Jeff Jarrett Names His Favourite Opponents Of All-Time

Jeff Jarrett walks around ringside in the WWF 1995

Jeff Jarrett has wrestled everyone from Elias to EFFY but now, ‘The King of the Mountain’ has detailed his favourite adversaries of all-time.

Debuting in April 1986, Jeff Jarrett has seen and done it all in the squared circle. He’s won World Championships, founded promotions, and faced some of the greats.

Speaking on the latest My World podcast, however, the WWE and IMPACT Hall of Famer revealed who his favourite opponents are, dropping the names of a handful of fellow Hall of Fame inductees:

“Oh, boy. That’s, I mean, I’ve gone through these different stages in my career. As a kid, I idolised Jerry Lawler and actually getting to wrestle him and we went over on the pod, had a couple of 60-minute draws with him. That’s kind of a bucket list, I never thought I’d get to do that as a young man.

Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, I love Curt Hennig as a human being. I loved, he was Mr Perfect when I was early in Memphis and then he came, you know, he came down as Curt Hennig, AWA World Heavyweight Champion. I had a match, a couple of matches with him, you know, before he won the belt from Nick Bockwinkel.

Had a match with Bockwinkel but seeing Curt become, literally kind of transformed into Mr Perfect and I would often think he’s really always been Mr Perfect, he’s just called Mr Perfect now, but having different matches with guys like that it’s special. I mean, look, it goes without saying ‘The Nature Boy’, getting to wrestle him on my 30th birthday on Nitro, a career bucket list. I mean, you know getting to wrestle Hulk [Hogan], all these guys.”

Of those names, Jeff Jarrett worked Kurt Angle the most during their shared time in the then-Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Although the majority of these were house show contests, they did enjoy a handful of pay-per-view matches together as well; this included the main event spot at Slammiversary 2011.

Despite being quietly released from WWE in April 2021, news of which didn’t break until that July, Jeff Jarrett returned to WWE a few weeks ago as their Senior Vice President of Live Events. He previously served as a producer and member of the creative team.

‘Double J’ last wrestled on 23 January, defeating company staple EFFY during Game Changer Wrestling’s Hammerstein Ballroom card, The WRLD on GCW.