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Jeff Jarrett Discusses The Aftermath Of Owen Hart’s Accident

Owen Hart

Jeff Jarrett has shared his views on how the Over The Edge 1999 pay-per-view was handled after the accident that led to the death of Owen Hart.

Jarrett spoke in-depth with Conrad Thompson on his new My World podcast about Owen Hart. Hart and Jarrett were close friends and had been tag team partners in the months before Hart’s passing.

Jarrett shared his views on how things had been handled on that dreadful night in Kansas City in May 1999:

“I did an interview with Mike Mooneyham probably inside of 12 months of the accident. He pressed me, wanted to talk about it, and look, everybody’s had different opinions, and he was doing his job as a reporter, but I said it then, and I’ll say it today, hindsight is 20/20. I don’t believe there is a manual that Vince or Kevin Dunn, anybody that was there [could use].

“It’s very easy to say today, ‘stop it’, but when the accident happened, everybody went into the reflex of, ‘A bad injury, let’s clear ringside and continue with the show’. I’ve often thought how JR and Jerry [Lawler], and again I’ve never watched any of this back, that’s, in an ugly way or a pretty way, I’m not sure, the epitome of professionalism to continue.”

“I had to go out there for the 6-12 minutes, the following matches are the same. Those guys had to process where the heaviness started to sink in. It was such a tragedy on so many levels.”

Thompson then spoke about how Jeff Jarrett in the past had not kept any wrestling memorabilia in his house. That was except two things, a photo of Jarrett and Owen Hart alongside the black armband Jarrett wore the next night on Raw in tribute to Hart.

Jarrett added:

“Owen was real, and work and the business is just that, it’s not forever. Owen was forever.”

Credit: My World

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