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Jeff Jarrett Discusses Steve Austin Never Wanting To Work With Him

Stone Cold Steve Austin Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett has discussed the issues between him and Stone Cold Steve Austin that led to Austin not wanting to work with Jarrett in WWE in the late nineties.

Jarrett returned to WWE in October 1997 after first leaving the company in early 1996. Upon his return, Jarrett cut a ‘worked shoot’ interview in the ring in a precursor to a certain pipe bomb some years later. Jarrett took aim at Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff, WCW, and crucially, Stone Cold Steve Austin during the promo. Alluding to the fact that Austin used ‘3:16’ Jarrett claimed that Austin was ‘ripping off the bible to put money in his pocket.’

Speaking on his new podcast ‘My World‘ with co-host Conrad Thompson, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed finding his ceiling in WWE and not being able to go head to head with the number one superstar – Austin.

Jeff Jarrett explained:

“He worked with Kane, he worked with ‘Taker. I mean, [Austin] worked with a lot of big guys. In my mind was, I’m the perfect antidote because I’m going to flap my jaws, I’m gonna get heat, and Steve’s gonna beat me from pillar to post all over the place and I can sneak out of there with a little heat. I’m not saying beat him but there’s ways. I was the ying to a lot of yang heels he had been working with.”

The rumour and innuendo over the years is that Austin did not see Jarrett on his level as the top star in the company. Jarrett says he understands why Austin was so protective of his spot:

“It’s the nature of the beast. Of course, Steve is very protective of his spot because that’s how this business works. When you get your quote-unquote spot on top you wanna do everything [to keep it].”

“Randy Savage – my dad used to tell me ‘that’s the most paranoid human being in the world.’ And he oozed charisma and Randy could have a match with anybody whether it was Hogan, or Tito, or Steamboat. But Randy was always on edge wanting to protect that spot. I always looked at Steve being the same way.”

Jeff Jarrett also discussed his on-screen break up with Debra McMichael. That pairing came to an end shortly after Debra began a real relationship with Steve Austin.

Credit: My World via AdFreeShows.com

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