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Jeff Jarrett Details How He Ended Up Joining The Bullet Club

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Jeff Jarrett has discussed his short-lived time as a member of the Bullet Club and revealed how “the stars aligned” when it came to him joining the villainous faction!

During a recent AdFreeShows watchalong and Q&A session, Inside The Ropes’ own Innes McVey spoke to Jeff about his 2014/15 run in New Japan Pro Wrestling and asked how his surprising induction into the Bullet Club all came about.

The WWE Hall of Famer explained his time in New Japan came about through his attempts to develop a working relationship between the company and his own promotion Global Force Wrestling, a topic that’ll be discussed in more detail in an upcoming episode of My World with Jeff Jarrett:

So one of the podcasts, and I don’t know when Conrad will want to do it, is the story of Global Force Wrestling and the formation of it. I wanted a relationship with those guys, but when they approached me about promoting Wrestle Kingdom 9… I mean, if you’re a New Japan watcher you realised how red-hot their business was in 2014. So when I resigned from TNA in 2013 and launched Global Force, I knew with me working in AAA I could get a relationship with them, but I wanted to form working relationships. Look, I didn’t have a crystal ball and know exactly the vision that was going to go down.

But I knew that WWE got essentially a 40-year head start, massive distribution all over the world. So any sort of company… and New Japan, maybe not a start-up. They’ve been around 40 years in Japan. In America, they were on the start-up level. AAA was just trying to come into America, so they were basically on the start-up level in America. So I wanted to form relationships with that.

Double J went on to discuss how his time in TNA was a big factor in the decision behind his defection to the group, meaning he already had a rapport with the likes of AJ Styles, Tiger Hattori and Gedo!

So they came. We got good old J.R. for Wrestle Kingdom 9 and then just one thing happened after another. The Bullet Club was hot, obviously, AJ went over there. So my relationship with AJ Styles fell into it. Tanahashi and Okada worked for us at TNA, maybe not the best run but I had a working relationship with Tiger Hattori. So there was a lot of pieces of the puzzle that connected. I can remember AJ laying out to me that guitar shot scenario with just everything that went down and Gedo, really sharp mind. I don’t know how well known this is, I guess somewhat, but Gedo is a Memphis wrestling fan. Lots of ideas generated off the episodic television. So a lot of the stars aligned.

Thanks to AdFreeShows for facilitating our chat with Jeff Jarrett! You can watch the first episode of Jeff’s brand-new podcast My World with Jeff Jarrett over on their Patreon and join their Q&A sessions yourself by pledging at the ‘Top Guy’ tier!