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Jeff Jarrett To Appear On Broken Skull Sessions

Steve Austin Jeff Jarrett Broken Skull Sessions

WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett will finally work with Stone Cold Steve Austin after being announced as the next guest on the Broken Skull Sessions!

Broken Skull Sessions sees Steve Austin sit down for a chat with stars of the wrestling world from today as well as days gone by. Austin has interviewed the likes of The Undertaker, Sasha Banks, Vince McMahon, and even AEW’s Chris Jericho on the show but his latest guest is one that Austin has had bad blood with in the past.

When Jeff Jarrett returned to WWE in 1997 from WCW, big things were expected from the Tennessee native. Jarrett cut a scathing promo on both WWE and WCW on his return to the company and during it mentioned Stone Cold’s popular ‘Austin 3:16’ catchphrase, calling it blasphemous.

As the story goes, Steve Austin was none too happy with that comment, and as well as holding onto some bad blood from their days working together in Memphis, Austin ensured that the two men didn’t work together in any fashion. Indeed, the only televised WWE bouts the two men had together were the 1998 and 1999 Royal Rumble matches.

The WWE Network’s social media channel announced that Jarrett will be Austin’s next guest and fans of a certain vintage will be hoping to find out if Austin was working or shooting in his supposed real-life feud with Double J when the show airs on June 3rd.