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Jeff Hardy Was Reportedly Set For Run On NXT Prior To Release

Jeff Hardy

A report has claimed that Jeff Hardy was set for a run on NXT ahead of his release by WWE.

When Jeff Hardy was released by WWE on December 9th, he had recently been teaming with Drew McIntyre and had narrowly missed out on becoming the number one contender for the Universal Championship.

Many had suggested at the time that this storyline, mixed with his recent move to SmackDown may have seen him eventually square off with Roman Reigns. Especially as Hardy had openly talked about wanting one more run at the top of the card before he retired.

However, a new report has claimed that Hardy’s future actually looked very different. Fightful Select note that Hardy was factored into a lot of the plans for the main roster until January, as well as making an excursion to NXT. The report adds that Hardy’s departure left the company “scrambling” as he was originally planned to be “The Shaman” with MSK. A role which was later filled by Riddle.

There were reportedly “numerous segments” featuring Hardy as The Shaman left on the cutting room floor.

It has since been announced that Riddle will team with MSK to take on Imperium, which includes WALTER. It is unclear as to whether Hardy was originally intended to be involved in that match.

Following what was described as a “rough night” at a WWE live event, former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy was released by the company. Further reports suggested that Hardy’s behaviour at the event had been “erratic” while it was also noted that he had missed a number of signings and appearances.

His release came after he turned down WWE’s offer of rehab.

While Hardy is reportedly subject to a 90-day non-compete clause, many expect him to join his brother Matt in AEW. Matt has openly discussed wanting the pair end their careers as a team with the promotion.