Jeff Hardy Reveals The Worst Bump He’s Ever Taken

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has built a career on daredevil dives and jaw-dropping iconic moments but the former WWE Champion has now named the worst bump he’s ever taken.

Hardy made a name for himself alongside brother Matt and Lita in the aptly-named Team Xtreme. The star helped innovate modern ladder matches as well as the TLC classics between The Hardy Boyz, The Dudleyz, and Edge and Christian.

Speaking to talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, Jeff Hardy detailed the worst bump of his career, falling through a table while taking on Rob Van Dam on SmackDown:

“That was [the worst bump] if you’re talking about the one where I went through the table vertically instead of sideways. It just exploded, it was just straight to my back and it, oh my god, it knocked the wind out of me. The worst ever when it comes to bumps that hurt the most as far as getting the wind knocked out, and my lower back for the next few weeks, oh it was rough.”

“I don’t think I ever want to go through a table like that vertical again. I just had to do it, in my head I said ‘let me do it, I think it’s gonna be alright’ and I went right through the framing and to the floor and, wow, yeah.”

Jeff Hardy then detailed another crazy table bump he endured while in TNA where he went through the table upside down:

“I even went through one upside down in the other wrestling world. I don’t know why, I just think I can get the one upside down and I just tried to do a cannonball through it, but that was bad, That hurt like crazy, but I got it out of here, that’s the main thing. I just had to get it out of here, now we know ‘don’t do that’. I thank everybody involved in the match, thank you all for letting me get that out of here, I never want to do that again.”

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