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Jeff Hardy On Darby Allin – “Wow, He’s Really Like Me”

Jeff Hardy & Darby Allin

Former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy has opened up about comparisons to Darby Allin, saying he’s “honoured” people would think he’s anything like the AEW star.

Speaking with ESPN West Palm, the Charismatic Enigma would reveal how he sees a lot of himself in Darby.

“I’m so honoured for people to say that, especially a guy like Darby Allin. I’ve never met him but when I watch him on AEW, I’m like, ‘Wow, he’s really like me’ and he’s actually like a real-life stunt man. I’ve always said jokingly, I don’t even think I know how to wrestle, I think I’m just a stunt man when it comes to this stuff. I’m more about the moments and the highlights and the storytelling. Those big extreme moments, my career has been based around that.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Face of TNT’ was asked by Inside The RopesKenny McIntosh about comparisons to Jeff Hardy, and said he’s “never searched” to be compared to the Charismatic Enigma, but said if it’s there, it’s there and he won’t allow it to overwhelm him.

“I feel fine about it. You know, I never searched to get compared to Jeff Hardy, like I never care to compare – but if it’s there, it’s there. But to me, there’s always one Darby Allin and one Jeff Hardy. I would love to step in the ring with someone who is as creative and driven as artistically as he is, I feel like he would always be able to go. Even with Matt, I want to step in the ring with him and just create some art.”

During his chat with ESPN West Palm, Jeff Hardy would also open up about how he believes AEW is “more open-minded” than WWE.

“It’s really cool. Matt is in AEW and before the pandemic hit, their crowds were incredible and on fire. It’s so exciting watching, they are very different than WWE. I don’t know how to explain it, but they are more open-minded, WWE is kind of set in their ways.”

That apparent open-mindedness, of course, is something Darby Allin has been able to take advantage of, not just by excelling in the ring, but also creatively outside of it – as he told Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy following the Street Fight at AEW Revolution where Allin showed off his creativity as a filmmaker.

“I would say I was involved in 90% of it. I was doing damn near everything that night we were… A lot, lot of work put into this and I was up for weeks helping produce this, so it was a lot. It was a good experience, you know, because my ass dropped out of film school so this was kind of a test to see my directing skills, so it was fun. I had a good time and everybody trusting me, and Ricky busting his ass, too, and making everything, so it was an honour to be part of this.”

Credit: ESPN West Palm

h/t Wrestlezone for the transcription