Jeff Hardy Makes AEW Debut On Dynamite

Jeff Hardy

After months of speculation, rumour, denials and everything in between, Jeff Hardy is All Elite.

As the AHFO gathered in the ring, Andrade El Idolo proposed a vote on Matt Hardy’s future. While Hardy was initially backed up by Private Party, the young stars then turned the backs on the boss, as Andrade attacked from behind.

With the beatdown underway, Sting and Darby Allin came to the ring to even the odds, but they were also overwhelmed. But all was not lost as Jeff Hardy entered to a thunderous ovation, reuniting with his brother Matt once more. The legendary team then turned the tables on their rivals to stand tall.

Interestingly, Jeff Hardy entered to the Hardy Boyz legendary theme song “Loaded.” It had earlier been reported that Tony Khan was working to secure rights to the song, which wasn’t owned by WWE despite them using it for more than 20 years.

It has long been expected that Hardy would sign with AEW, going all of the way back to his WWE release on December 9th. Hardy himself even stated in a recent interview that he was going to be joining the company, although he quickly issued a statement backtracking.

Meanwhile, on March 6th it was reported that Hardy would be in attendance at Dynamite, although at that time any potential on-screen role was unclear.

Jeff Hardy was released by WWE just days after he was said to be acting erratically at a live event. The former World Champion then declined a company offer to attend rehab which led to his departure.

It was later reported that Jeff Hardy turned down the chance to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, instead insisting that he was given the results of drug tests he took before he left the company.

Speaking on Twitch, Matt Hardy confirmed that Jeff had been given an ultimatum by WWE, which meant he would have to go to rehab or get released.

However, knowing he wasn’t going to return a positive drug test, the former World Champion said the company may as well release him as he didn’t need to go to rehab.

It had already been announced that the Hardy Boyz will be reuniting on March 12th. The match will mark the first time that the brothers have wrestled together in three years.