Jeff Hardy Recalls Thinking His “Life Was Over” After Drug Arrest

Jeff Hardy

Former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy has discussed their arrest on drugs-related charges and why the bust on his home made him think his life was over.

2009 was the epitome of a rollercoaster year for Jeff Hardy. He began the year as WWE Champion and over the next eight months would become a two-time World Heavyweight Champion as well. By the end of August however, Hardy was gone from WWE and just two weeks later, his world came crashing down when the SWAT Team raided his house.

Speaking to WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin on his Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, Hardy recalled that turbulent time in his life and how he thought his life was over when he was busted for illegally ordering drugs:

“I was ordering pills illegally in the mail [and] got busted. SWAT team comes into my house, me and my wife and our little dog. I was busted. I got busted for getting pills illegally. I thought my life was over. [I] went to jail that weekend. It was a mind-blowing experience. I was terrified. I thought my life was over. That was the time that really scared me straight.”

“When I realized that ‘okay, things might be okay. This might not be the end of my life. As long as I get clean and I do what I need to be doing and staying clean and staying out of trouble. Things are going to be alright.’ And that led to 2010 man. My wife gave birth to our first daughter, and then five years later to our second daughter. But yeah, leaving WWE where I was, and then it was like, oh my god, total rock bottom.”

Hardy debuted for TNA for the second time in January 2010 and stayed with the company where he became a three time TNA World Champion until 2017. Not long after leaving TNA, Jeff and brother Matt returned to WWE in incredible style at WrestleMania 33.

h/t SEScoops