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Jeff Hardy – “I’m Going To AEW”

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has revealed that he’s heading to AEW, commenting that he’s very excited to join the promotion.

Ever since Jeff Hardy was released by WWE on December 9th, fans across the world have wondered whether they might get to see the Charismatic Enigma join his brother Matt in AEW. Matt Hardy even talked up the prospect of teaming with his brother for one final run with the promotion.

It now seems that the former WWE Champion is indeed heading to the company.

Speaking in a new interview with Jared Myers, Hardy nonchalantly revealed that he is going to AEW.

“I’m going to AEW, it’s so exciting… I’m so nervous and excited.”

Jeff Hardy’s departure from WWE in December instantly became a source of great controversy. At the time it was reported that Hardy’s exit was a result of him turning down rehab after a “rough night” at a live event. It was also noted that he had missed a number of signing appearances.

Immediately following his brother’s exit from WWE, Matt Hardy repeatedly assured fans that Jeff was fine, sentiments echoed by Jeff’s wife Beth.

Meanwhile, it was later reported that Jeff Hardy turned down the chance to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, instead insisting that he was given the results of drug tests he took before he left the company.

Speaking on Twitch, Matt Hardy later confirmed that Jeff had been given an ultimatum by WWE, which meant he would have to go to rehab or get released.

However, knowing he wasn’t going to return a positive drug test, the former World Champion said the company may as well release him as he didn’t need to go to rehab.

It has been announced that the Hardy Boyz will be reuniting on March 12th. The match will mark the first time that the brothers have wrestled together in three years.