Jeff Hardy Gives An Update On His Back Injury

Jeff Hardy Thumb

‘The Charismatic Enigma’ Jeff Hardy has given an update on his ongoing back injury that he suffered several weeks ago on Monday Night Raw.

On the December 1, 2020, edition of the red brand Jeff Hardy triumphed over Elias in a Symphony of Destruction Match which made the wrestling world hold their breath. At the culmination of the bout, Hardy placed Elias on a table which balanced closed to the ring steps and hit a Swanton Bomb.

On impact, Hardy’s head and back hit the side of the steps and though he was said to have no concussion symptoms, it was his rear that was affected by the move. Ever since that war, Jeff’s back has been causing him problems and even though he continues to compete, the star has announced that he is around eighty five percent healed.

Following yet another victory over the musical maestro on January 11, Hardy have an interview to in which spoke about how he’s coping under the strain of an injury and where he sees his recovery in the present when quizzed about injuring his back:

“I did for real. The Symphony of Destruction Match, my back was jacked up for a month. It’s now just starting to feel pretty good, about 85% I think, but somehow, some way, I keep on healing. 43 years into this life, I’m not doing it alone. Something’s been with me this whole time.”

While his enmity with Elias now finally appears to be over, it’ll be interesting to see where Jeff Hardy goes from here in his duo with Riddle as The Hardy Bros, as the pair eye the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships.

WWE recently filed a trademark for the team name, leading many to believe that the company is going full force in their plans for the duo on Monday nights.