Jeff Hardy DUI Case Closed

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy was arrested on June 13th, 2022 after being pulled over by Highway Patrol Officers after the vehicle he was driving had been “swerving” and “running off the road.”

After being pulled over, Hardy was arrested and according to Volusia County jail records, was charged with Driving While License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked, Violation of Restrictions Placed on driver’s License, and DUI Alcohol/Drugs Third Offense within 10 Years.

Following the incident, the former World Champion was suspended by AEW without pay and entered a rehabilitation program in an effort to banish his well-documented demons. Hardy had been due to undergo a brain scan after suffering a head injury during his match at Double or Nothing.

However, the case has now been closed after Hardy submitted a written plea of nolo contendere to all charges.

This is where a defendant agrees to accept punishment but does not accept or deny responsibility for the charges brought against them.

Here is the full sentence via Volusia County court records:

  • A 38-day county jail sentence with 38 days credit for time served
  • Two years probation
  • $4586 in fines and court fees
  • A 10-year suspension of his license
  • Two years with an interlock device and 90-day vehicle impoundment
  • Court-mandated DUI school or drug rehab program
  • Community service

On February 21st Jeff Hardy’s attorney filed a motion to suppress his breath test results claiming they were unreliable. For reference, Hardy blew 0.294 and 0.291 as part of two tests while the legal limit in Florida is 0.08.

His legal representative claimed that the Intoxilyzer used was not inspected by the Florida Highway Patrol in the month before it was used which violates rules set by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. They also alleged that the equipment used showed “significant signs of unreliability.”

Will Jeff Hardy Return To AEW?

Jeff Hardy hasn’t wrestled since teaming with his brother Matt at AEW Double or Nothing on May 29th, 2022.

Shortly after his arrest, Hardy was suspended without pay by AEW, who said that he could only return after maintaining his sobriety. Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Matt Hardy revealed that there’s no guarantee his brother will ever return to the ring.

There has been no comment from Jeff Hardy or AEW about the star potentially resuming his career.