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Jeff Hardy Felt “Ashamed” To Appear In 24/7 Title Segments

Jeff Hardy

Despite being a former multi-time World Champion, Jeff Hardy found himself reduced to chasing the WWE 24/7 Championship at one stage, something he finds shame in.

Jeff Hardy is unquestionably one of the greatest to ever do it. A former World Champion in both WWE and IMPACT Wrestling alongside a multitude of secondary and tag team championships, ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ now finds himself signed to All Elite Wrestling.

As part of his latest WWE stint, however, Hardy’s onscreen presence at one point saw him reduced to being in pursuit of the 24/7 Championship. The 6 September 2021 edition of Monday Night Raw witnessed Jeff Hardy in amongst the pack chasing the then-24/7 Champion, Reggie.

Appearing on the latest Talk Is Jericho episode alongside his brother Matt, Jeff Hardy revealed how he “felt ashamed” to be involved in such a meaningless segment of the show:

“I feel bad about saying this because I am easy to work with and will pretty much do anything. But I was pretty crushed that day, I was like this is it, why are they doing this to me? That’s not an arrogant thing to say, but I felt ashamed. But I did it but man, what does this mean?”

Having departed WWE, Jeff’s stance on his involvement with the championship has clearly changed. The week of his 24/7 Championship pursuit, Hardy appeared on Felger & Massaroti to explain his appearance from that Monday’s Raw, providing a response complimentary to WWE’s booking (h/t Fightful):

“Monday night in Miami, that’s just what I felt like doing, so I had to do. I was in the chase for the 24/7 Title and it just didn’t work out, man. It’s one of those things. I show up to work and do what they need me to do and move on. That’s in the past and this Monday is the future so I’m super excited.”

Jeff Hardy was joined by the likes of Humberto, Shelton Benjamin, and R-Truth in chasing the 24/7 Championship that evening, though Reggie managed to escape harm-free with the championship intact.

Hardy was released by WWE on 9 December, ending his third stint with the company. He’s since signed a deal with All Elite Wrestling, where he would realign himself with Matt Hardy. They most recently faced former ROH rivals The Young Bucks during last Sunday’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view.