Jeff Hardy Recalls Being Angry At Vince McMahon Over WrestleMania 25 Match

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy detailed the one time he went to Vince McMahon with creative criticism after a major WrestleMania match even though it isn’t normal for him to go directly to the WWE Chairman.

Jeff Hardy has always been a creative force whether in WWE, IMPACT, or elsewhere, but he hasn’t always felt the need to go directly to Vince McMahon with his creative ideas during his tenure in WWE.

However, during a recent interview on the Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin, the Charismatic Enigma detailed one time where he confronted the WWE Chairman over a WrestleMania 25 match with his brother Matt which Jeff called one of his “favorite matches.”

To do that, brother versus brother, it was so fun because [they] cut a lot of time off that match. I’ll never forget this.

I was so upset because we had to cut out several spots. I was so passionate, upset. We didn’t get to do it in front of that crowd. That was one time me and Vince did have a conversation after that.

I think he kind of liked that he saw how mad I was because I was like throwing stuff in there. ‘I can’t believe we didn’t get to do that stuff wanted to do.’ We did plenty like more than enough. But it was still — the passion within me really ignited that night after the match. I was really upset.

Earlier in the interview, Jeff Hardy admitted that this confrontation with Vince McMahon was rare as he normally approaches producer Michael Hayes with creative ideas.

“I’ve never pitched — Matt was always the pitch guy during the Hardy Boyz thing. He was always the guy, you know, the more sociable guy compared to me, but yeah. I’ve never pitched one idea to Vince. I always go to Michael Hayes usually when I have an idea that I feel really passionate about. Because he’s got a great mind for it.

Ahead of Survivor Series, Jeff Hardy spoke to talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy about his famous match with Undertaker, the worst bump he’s ever taken, Survivor Series and much more.

While their WrestleMania 25 match wasn’t what they wanted it to be, Matt and Jeff Hardy have had plenty of great moments in WWE. One of the most exciting was arguably at WrestleMania 33 when the pair made a shocking return to WWE and won the Raw Tag Team Championships after they were victorious in one of their signature ladder matches.

h/t to Fightful for the transcription