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Jeff Hardy – “AEW Is More Open-Minded, WWE Is Set In Their Ways”

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has commented on All Elite Wrestling, saying the upstart company is not as set in its ways as their rival WWE.

Jeff Hardy is currently enjoying his third run with WWE after he and his brother Matt returned to the company in 2017. During their comeback, the brothers would win both the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships. As they branched out on their own once again, Matt would embrace his broken side while Jeff would become US Champion for the first time in his career.

Matt Hardy would leave WWE in early 2020 after being taken out in storyline by Randy Orton. One month later Matt would make his debut in All Elite Wrestling.

Talking to ESPN West Palm, Hardy discussed his brother’s new adventure and had some positive words for AEW.

Hardy stated:

“It’s really cool. Matt is in AEW and before the pandemic hit, their crowds were incredible and on fire. It’s so exciting watching, they are very different than WWE. I don’t know how to explain it, but they are more open-minded, WWE is kind of set in their ways.”

Hardy would then touch on some of the changes in WWE from early in his career until now:

“This has changed many times over the years, especially since the Attitude era. It’s way different. Thank God, we don’t hit each other in the head with chairs anymore, I worry about that, and try not to future trip too much. It’s a lot safer now but you can still get hurt at any point.”

Jeff would also praise an AEW star that has been compared to Hardy, TNT Champion Darby Allin:

“I’m so honored for people to say that especially a guy like Darby Allin. I’ve never met him but when I watch him on AEW, I’m like ‘wow he’s really like me.'”

Jeff Hardy’s last in-ring appearance in WWE took place on the 22nd of February edition of Raw. Hardy would fall victim to Sheamus in that match.

AEW commentator Jim Ross has talked in-depth about the struggles with drugs and alcohol that bothered Hardy earlier in his career.

Credit: ESPN West Palm

h/t Wrestlezone for the transcription