JBL – “I Would Have Loved” To Wrestle Roman Reigns

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WWE Hall of Famer JBL has named WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns as the current WWE Superstar he would “have loved” to wrestle during his incredible 14-year WWE career.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes own Liam Alexander-Stewart, WWE Hall of Famer JBL would discuss the modern wrestling product revealing that he is a huge fan of the athleticism on show from current WWE Superstars adding that he does not want to be “the old guy that goes outside and yells up the clouds and say our generation was better.”

During the interview, the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown TV history would discuss his favourite WWE locker room ribs, the toughest wrestlers he has ever encountered as well as a potential return to the WWE as a manager to up and coming talent.

When asked who out of the current WWE talent he wished he could have shared the ring with, JBL would name current Universal Champion Roman Reigns as the man adding that “The Tribal Chief” just has a “knack” for the business.

“Yeah. Roman Reigns, you know, I had a brief interaction with Roman in one Royal Rumble, not much more of a comedy spot than anything else, but I think Roman Reigns.”

The former Bradshaw would continue, revealing that, during his brief stint as a WWE agent, Roman Reigns was one of the smartest guys he dealt with, attributing this trait to Reign’s roots in the business through his connection to the iconic Anoa’i family.

“I worked as an agent for just a few months and realized that was not for me, but Roman was one of the smartest guys I dealt with. He just he has a knack for the business, and it’s just, I think when you’re people that come in with their families in the business, they just to have a head start on everybody else and Roman’s a very smart guy. But he also had that head start and I would love to work with a guy like Roman.”

During the same interview, JBL would reveal that, during his time as a WWE agent, he was amazed at how respectful the locker room was, adding that it is very nice that the modern talent are continuing many of the traditions of previous locker rooms from years past.

“You know, when I go in, I dress in the TV locker room, which is usually me and Booker T and some of the old guys I started with. And, you know, the guys come by and they’re very respectful. You know, they always come by and say, hello, shake your hand and, you know, it’s very nice that they carry on that tradition and how respectful they are. But I’m not in their locker room. I pass through it sometimes. Sometimes I need to go talk to somebody, but I have no idea what’s going on in the locker room. I just know from my interaction with the talent backstage about how respectful these guys are.”

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