JBL Recalls Being Warned By WWE Writer Over Cutting A Promo Drunk

JBL Ron Simmons APA

JBL has recalled drawing the ire of one particular WWE writer as he became increasingly intoxicated while trying to cut a backstage promo.

Faarooq and Bradshaw began teaming together in late 1998 before forming part of the Ministry of Darkness alongside The Undertaker the following year. However, it wasn’t until the Acolyte Protection Agency was born that the pair embarked on their most famous run.

While dishing out punishment in the ring, the duo became fan favourites for their backstage segments where they were seen drinking and playing poker in a makeshift office. During this period, fellow WWE stars could “hire” the Acolytes to protect them, often with hilarious results.

During a recent episode of the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast, the veterans were joined by former WWE writer Brian Gerwitz. Recalling his time alongside Ron Simmons (Faarooq) JBL described getting a telling off from writer Tommy Blacha after his beer consumption was winning out over his ability to get a promo.

“He told us one time ‘guys you gotta get this right’, I said ‘why, we going live?’ and he said ‘nah. you’re slurring your words.'”

JBL and Faarooq remained together until being split up in the first-ever WWE Draft in March 2002. The pair eventually reunited on SmackDown in 2003 before splitting again in 2004 as Bradshaw headed into his singles run which would see him win the World Championship.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.