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JBL Gives Surprising Advice To US Champion Theory

JBL Theory

WWE Hall Of Famer JBL has proven that leopards can’t change their spots as he tells Theory the best way to get ahead is to “screw over your friends!”

JBL was born as a character in WWE as Bradshaw let his long-time partner Ron Simmons bare the brunt of Paul Heyman’s rage while Heyman was SmackDown General Manager. After Heyman had fired Simmons, rather than walking out with his partner, Bradshaw decided to reinvent himself as JBL before going on to become WWE Champion.

JBL proved friendship was still not high on his list of priorities when he appeared on WWE’s The Bump, offering some tongue-in-cheek advice to current WWE United States Champion, Theory:

“My best advice to an incredibly talented person who’s incredibly good-looking and reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger is what I would tell my young self and that is screw over your friends. Make your enemies your friends. That way you can screw them over too. That’s what life is all about. It’s screwing people over and winning and I think theory knows all about that and the future for him is very bright.”

Theory was in no hurry to make friends with Mustafa Ali on Raw as he sidestepped facing Ali, telling him that he’d be facing Veer Mahan instead. If that wasn’t bad enough Theory introduced The Miz as the special referee for the bout with Ali eventually succumbing thanks to the massive disadvantage of having to overcome the three villainous stars.

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