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JBL Shares Incredible Unheard Vince McMahon Story

Vince McMahon

WWE Hall Of Famer JBL has shared a startling story of how Vince McMahon took care of a man he equated to Bad Bad Leroy Brown at the behest of his father.

Speaking on his Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw alongside Gerald Brisco, the former WWE Champion shared an incredible story of how Vince McMahon took care of one of his father’s fixers after Vincent J. McMahon passed away:

“There was an old guy, who used to come around when we were in Baltimore, and he comes in with his bag – he’s probably 70-something years old. He comes in and Tim White would always pay him – I asked him ‘who is that?’, and apparently- Vince told me later who it was ‘cause I asked him on a plane ‘who was it?’, when Vince’s dad ran Capital City Wrestling, he was in the hood, a bad neighbourhood, this guy took care of him.”

“Vince said ‘you know that song Bad Bad Leroy Brown, that might as well have been written for this guy. He always took care of Vince Sr., made sure he was safe, made sure he was fine, the show ran well. And when Vince Sr. passed away he said ‘I’d appreciate it if you always take care of this guy.'”

“So he would show up in Baltimore, he’d have his bag with him – he wasn’t going to work, obviously, but they didn’t want to embarrass him and just give him money. So they’d always say like ‘I’m sorry, we don’t have anything for ya, but we want to pay you ‘cause you came down today.’ And that was Vince’s way of taking care of him, one time he was late and Vince pulled him in and said ‘why are you late?’, ‘my car broke down’ so he [Vince] told Tim White to go and buy him a car – he bought him a Cadillac or a Lincoln or something.”

JBL also recently shared his thoughts on Kevin Owens and Owens’ recent disparaging comments about Layfield’s home state of Texas.

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